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Optimizing Refuse Collection Routes in Fairfax County, Virginia
Track:  State and Local Government
Author:   Brendan James Ford

Fairfax County, Virginia, is using ARC/INFO and RouteSmart (Bound Distinct, Ltd.) to optimize the collection of refuse from over 38,000 homes. By computing collection routes on a GIS the County expects to save up to $280,000 in refuse and yard waste collection. This savings will come by reducing the existing number of routes. The data requirements for such a detailed network application will be covered, as well as the changes to the business process resulting from incorporating GIS technology. The County is also responsible for collecting 62,000 special pickups/year. The County is attempting to use ArcView Network Analyst to optimize these collections. This application will also be covered.

Brendan James Ford
Fairfax County Government
12000 Government Center Pky.
Fairfax, VA22035-0010

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