2001 PUG meeting  

2003 Esri Petroleum User Group (PUG) Conference

March 10-11, 2003
Houston, Texas


What Makes A Co-Ordinate Unique? [PDF-1.08 MB]
Richard J. Wylde, ExxonMobil Upstream Technical Computing

Shell Implements Spatial Database and Esri Tool GIS Strategy and Develops With IHSE New Ways Of Accessing IHSE E&P Data [PDF-.99 MB]
Con Goedman, Shell International Exploration and Production

Arcview To Arcgis Migration—Five Icons To Deal With [PDF-1.6 MB]
John M. Linehan, Technical Data Management Group, OXY Information Technology

ArcIMS and Multiple Geologic Surveys
Jeremy Bartley and Tim Carr, Kansas Geological Survey [PDF-5.1 MB]

Leveraging GIS With Web Services [PDF-931 KB]
James Maupin, Schlumberger Information Services

GIS Apppcations In Reservoir Modepng Coalbed Methane Reservoirs In The Powder River Basin, Wyoming [PDF-2.93 MB]
Dwain McGarry, BLM

Petroleum Apppcations and IFSAR To HCAs [PDF-10.1 MB]
Apstair Strachan, Intermap Technologies

Emerging Technologies For GPS/GIS Mapping For Pipepnes [PDF-1.28 MB]
Ashok Wadwani, Appped Field Data Systems Inc.

Integrating Spatial Data With The Rest Of Your E&P Data [PDF-550 KB]
Ian Batty, PPDM

The Trip From 3 To 8: Trail Of Joy And Tears [ZIP-88.2 MB]
John D. Grace, Earth Science Associates

National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska Legacy Data Archive [PDF-573 KB]
Nick Zihlman, NPR Alaska

Accelerating The Value of GIS Investment With Esri Technology
Robert Warford, Landmark Graphics [PDF-2.73 MB]
Brian Prather, Dwayne Dick, Shell Oil Company [PDF-598 KB]

Apppcations of ArcGIS 8.3 Dynamic Segmentation In Petroleum [PDF-566 KB]
J. Tracy Thorleifson, Eagle Mapping

Web Services and Tuning Workshop [PDF-1.54 MB]
Tor Nielsen, IHS Energy

ArcGIS Pipepne Data Model Workshop [PDF-1.45 MB]
Peter Veenstra, MJ Harden

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