Esri Proceedings

2009 Petroleum User Group Conference

The 2009 Petroleum User Group Conference Proceedings is a compilation of professional abstracts and presentations delivered February 23–25, 2009, in Houston, Texas. Esri users contributed a fundamental part to the conference by submitting and presenting their presentations on a diverse collection of GIS applications.

Plenary Presentations | Paper Sessions/Technical Workshops

Paper Sessions/Technical Workshops

Track Abbreviations

  • HSE—Health, Safety, and Environment
  • DMT—Data Management and Technology
  • LMG—Land Management
  • EXP—Exploration
  • PIP—Pipeline Integrity and Risk Management
  • IFO—iField Operations and Production Optimization
Title Documents Author Track Session
The Ecological Footprint Of Oil Production And Sustainability Presentation [PDF] Chris Baynard, University of North Florida HSE—Planning for Health, Safety and Environment Paper Sessions
One Size Rarely Fits All: Managing GIS Content and Functionality Presentation [PDF] Ryan Ross, Quorum Business Solutions DMT—Technology Paper Sessions
Offshore Field Layout Planning and Development with ArcGIS Presentation [PDF] Angus Colyer, Tom O'Donnell, James Ellis, Matt Levey, Neil Delfino DMT—Facilities Management Paper Sessions
Utilizing GIS to Manage Oil and Gas Leases Presentation [PDF] Tijerina Troy and Damion Scholz, Digital Mapping Services LMG—Land Paper Sessions
Perspectives on GIS Day Events Within an Energy Company Presentation [PDF] Ellen Hoveland, Bruce Sanderson, Lisa Derenthal LMG—Building a GIS Community Paper Sessions
4-H Youth Collaborates with Multi-Partners on Historic Map Project Presentation [PDF] Tyler Leinonen, Student, and Jeanette Buelt, RMOTC LMG—Building a GIS Community Paper Sessions
Leveraging Open Standards With ArcServer 9.3 and Google Earth Presentation [PDF] Brian Timoney, The Timoney Group DMT—Open Standards Paper Sessions
Beginning Python Presentation [PDF] Tracy Rijken, Inner Corridor Technologies DMT—Open Standards Paper Sessions
GIS for Oil Operations, History, Geology, and Imagery at Teapot Dome Presentation [PDF] Tom Anderson and Jeanette Buelt, RMOTC EXP—Exploration & Production Management Paper Sessions
Field Verification of Gas Pipeline HCAs Presentation [PDF] John Linehan, GISP; Enbridge Energy Company PIP—Pipelines Paper Sessions
Seamless Data Integration between Enterprise Systems (A Case Study) Presentation [PDF] Chad Zamarin and G. Lamar Crowe, Colonial Pipeline Company PIP—Pipelines Paper Sessions
Pipeline Construction Data Management—Establishing Foundations for an Asset Database Presentation [PDF] Scot Twining, GeoFields, Inc. PIP—Pipelines Paper Sessions
"Project GIGs" Is Your Software Maintaining Integrity of Your Spatial Data? Presentation [PDF] Brian Schostak, Shell Exploration and Production DMT—Geodesy Considerations Paper Sessions
Delivering Business Solutions Utilizing ArcGIS Server 9.3 and Silverlight Presentation [PDF] Raymond Levey, EGI DMT—ArcGIS Server Paper Sessions
Using ArcGIS To Streamline Well Planning Presentation [PDF] Janyce Jaramillo, and Colby Smith EXP—Using GIS in Well & Base Production Management Decisions Paper Sessions
Spatial Enabled Documents By Linking GIS With Document Management Systems Presentation [PDF] Jürgen Mischker, OMV Exploration and Production, and Jeff Hecht, GIS Technology, Inc. DMT—Metadata Paper Sessions
Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis—Optimizing Interpolation of E&P Datasets Presentation [PDF] Paola Peroni and Gareth Smith, Exprodat Consulting Ltd. DMT—Spatial Analysis Paper Sessions
Managing Image Data on the ArcGIS Platform—Options and Recommended Approaches Presentation [PDF] Peter Becker and Steve Kopp, Esri Technical Workshops
ArcGIS 9.3 Geodetics Update and Geodetics LIST Issues Presentation [PDF] Melita Kennedy, Esri Technical Workshops
ArcGIS Explorer—Current Functionality and the Impending v900 Release Presentation [PDF] Bernie Szukalski, Esri Technical Workshops
Customising the APDM Presentation [PDF] John Linehan, GISP; Enbridge Energy Company Technical Workshops
Esri's Mobile Solutions Presentation [PDF] Damian Spangrud, Dal Hunter, Jian Lange, Esri Technical Workshops
List Update—Geoprocessing, Raster and 3D Topics Presentation [PDF] Steve Kopp and Peter Becker, Esri Technical Workshops
ArcLogistics and Field Maintenance Optimization Presentation [PDF] Ryan Coodey, Aera Energy, and Paul Ross, Esri Technical Workshops

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