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2010 Esri Southeast Regional User Group Conference

The 2010 Esri Southeast Regional User Group Conference Proceedings is a compilation of professional abstracts and presentations delivered April 26–28, 2010, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Esri users contributed a fundamental part to the conference by submitting and presenting their presentations on a diverse collection of GIS applications.

Paper Sessions | Technical Workshops

Paper Sessions

Track Abbreviations

  • DBM—Database Design, Automation, and Management
  • LND—Land Records
  • TS—Esri Technical Session
  • ENR—Environment and Natural Resources
  • SLG—State and Local Governments
  • WWS—Water/Wastewater/Storm Water
Title Documents Author Track
Comprehensive Data Capture and Geodatabase Development for NAVFAC Utility Systems Presentation [PDF] Grant Raudenbush, Northrop Grumman WWS—Creating a Solid Foundation with Data Modeling and Standards
Designing for Enterprise Changing Business Requirements—FDOT D7 GIS Framework Case Presentation [PDF] Felix Lopez-Phillips, Photo Science SLG—Meeting Business Needs of Government with GIS
FederatedGIS: Sharing Geospatial Data across Pennsylvania County Lines Presentation [PDF] Thomas Sweet, RGIS-Chesapeake Wilkes/PaGIS Consortium SLG—Meeting Business Needs of Government with GIS
Florida's Statewide Coastal LiDAR Mapping Initiative Presentation [PDF] Bill Millinor, Mark Nelson, Jones Edmunds ENR—Coastal and Wetlands Management
GIS Analysis of Foreclosures in Catawba County, North Carolina Presentation [PDF] Taylor Dellinger, Western Piedmont Council of Governments SLG—Meeting Business Needs of Government with GIS
GIS Utility Data: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Presentation [PDF] Alan Jacobson, Alan Jacobson PE WWS—Creating a Solid Foundation with Data Modeling and Standards
Improving the GIS-Based Solution Development Process Presentation [PDF] David Jenkins, Jones Edmunds WWS—Creating a Solid Foundation with Data Modeling and Standards
A GIS Workflow for Building and Mainlining Data Integrity of the Assessor's Parcel Fabric and Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) Data Presentation [PDF] Sabin Fannin, Greg Thacker, BP Barber LND—Best Practices and Latest Developments
Spatially Enabling Tabular SQL in the Multi-Hazard Threat Database Presentation [PDF] Daniel Madding, NCDA&CS DBM—Database Design, Automation and Management
The Parcel Fabric—Exploring the Need for a New Parcel Data Model Presentation [PDF] Frank Conkling, Panda Consulting LND—Best Practices and Latest Developments
Using Research & GIS Strategically to Shape Action and Response Issues Presentation [PDF] Tim Mulrooney, Mike Carmichael, Winston-Salem State University SLG—Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
Utilizing Spatial Views in ArcSDE/SQL Server Presentation [PDF] Kent Rothrock, Highland Mapping, Inc. DBM—Implementation and Applications
A GIS Approach to Addressing a U.S. Military Facility Presentation [PDF] William O'Toole, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, FL; Marvin Garland, CNRSE IT, Jacksonville, FL SLG—Addressing
ArcGIS Server and Enterprise GIS in Public Works Presentation [PDF] Jeffrey Volpe, Bergmann Associates SLG—Enterprise GIS Trends
ArcGIS Server Map Cache Strategies Presentation [PDF] Daniel Madding, Robert Hilton, Yongjun Lei, Tim Muhs, Ed Shipman, NCDA&CS SLG—Strategies and Applications
GIS for Stormwater Utility Management Presentation [PDF] John Dean, Gwinnett County Water Resources; Karen Lougee, Gwinnett County Stormwater Management ROI—Creating Value with GIS
Building Bridge to Your Users Presentation [PDF] Monjur Chowdhury, Lockheed Martin @ NOVEC TEC—Spatially Enabling Business Systems
Improving Efficiency Using Cartographic Representations Presentation [PDF] Katie Templeton, City of Charlotte, NC ROI—Creating Value with GIS
Flood Damage Reduction Analysis: Behind the Scenes Presentation [PDF] Brian Patnode, Brown and Caldwell WWS—Modeling and Asset Management
Using ArcGIS in the Low-Impact Natural Gas and Oil (LINGO) Operations Web Portal Presentation [PDF] Fred Limp, Brian Culpepper, RGIS Mid-South Office ENR—Energy and Endangered Species Applications
Geospatial Perspectives on Assessment of Energy Issues in Northeastern Pennsylvania Presentation [PDF] Dale Bruns, RGIS-Chesapeake Wilkes/PaGIS, Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA ENR—Energy and Endangered Species Applications
GIS Based E911 Error Identification Methods Presentation [PDF] Alan Jacobson, Alan Jacobson PE, Charlotte, NC SLG—Addressing
GIS Fire Mobile Solution (GFMS): GIS to Support Incident Preplanning and Response Presentation [PDF] Bruce Bishop, City of Marietta, GA SLG—Emergency Management— Mobile Solutions
Internet and Intranet GIS Web Mapping Solutions in Lynchburg, Virginia Presentation [PDF] Jamie Christensen, WorldView Solutions SLG—Strategies and Applications
Modeling and Mapping Soil Infiltration Rates in Dane County, WI Presentation [PDF] Kathleen Arrington, Steve Ventura, University of Wisconsin-Madison WWS—Modeling and Asset Management
Migrating from ArcIMS to ArcGIS Server— Orange County Presentation [PDF] Brock Kingston, Latitude Geographics SLG—Enterprise GIS Trends
Mobile GIS for Code Enforcement Presentation [PDF] Emily Goforth, OneGIS; Kathryn Clifton, City of Salisbury, NC SLG—Planning, Zoning, and Code Enforcement
Rutherford EMC: A Technology "Partnership" Presentation [PDF] Bob O'Connell, OneGIS Inc. TEC—Spatially Enabling Business Systems
Saving Money: Creating an Address Point Layer in House Presentation [PDF] Bruce Walker, Alamance County, NC SLG—Addressing
Using ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Mobile for Disaster Response Presentation [PDF] Victoria Smith, Putnam County, FL SLG—Emergency Management— Mobile Solutions
Where are my patients coming from? Presentation [PDF] Kim Dufour, Thomson Reuter SLG—Strategies and Applications
Developing an ArcGIS Extension for Estimating Nitrate Fate and Transport Presentation [PDF] Fernando Rios, Ming Ye, Raoul Fernandes, Tingting Zhao, Florida State University; Paul Lee, Florida Department of Environmental Protection MSA—Supporting Science with GIS
Development of Conceptual Water Conservation Plans for Utilities and Agencies in Florida Presentation [PDF] William Millinor, Maria Martinez, Jones Edmunds ENR—Water Resources Management
Spatial Patterning and Prehistoric Settlement Patterns, Cumberland County, North Carolina Presentation [PDF] Sallie Vaughn, URS Corporation MSA—Supporting Science with GIS
Visualizing Hazards Using GIS: The Buncombe County Multi-Hazard Risk Tool Presentation [PDF] Todd Pierce, University of North Carolina at Asheville SLG—Emergency Management, Situational Awareness, and Risk Management
A Regional Resource for Private Well and Septic System Inventory Presentation [PDF] Chris Strom, South GA Regional Development Center ENR—Water Resources Management
Building Interagency Cooperation: The Fayette County (GA) GIS User Group Presentation [PDF] Xavier Davis, Peachtree City Water and Sewerage Authority, GA; Lynn Hale, City of Fayetteville, GA TEC—Implementing an Effective GIS