2017 GIS for a Sustainable World Proceedings

View slides from the 2017 GIS for a Sustainable World Conference held on May 9–11, 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Title Presentation Author Session
Egy-GeoInfo: Egyptian Geospatial Information Portal Presentation Dr. Mohamed Ramadan, Government of Egypt CAPMAS & Eng. Alaa Zohery,World Food Programme Inspiration
Refugee Support   UNHCR Community Demonstrations
UNOSAT Efforts in Simulation and Virtual Reality   UNOSAT Community Demonstrations
PriSMA: Priority Setting Tool for Mine Action   GICHD Community Demonstrations
Use of Real-Time Data Transmission Method for Polio Vaccination Campaign Monitoring in Iraq   WHO Iraq Polio Community Demonstrations
Yves Ubelman Presentation   Iconem Inspiration
SWECO Presentation   SWECO Inspiration
Overview of the Esri Disaster Program and Lessons Learned from Past Events Presentation Esri Inspiration
Enhanced Capabilities in the ArcGIS Platform Presentation Esri Plenary
Exploratory Data Analysis-Insights for ArcGIS Presentation Esri Plenary
Open Data - ArcGIS Open Data   Esri Plenary
Technical Workshop: Introduction to ArcGIS Online Presentation Esri Technical Workshop
Technical Workshop: Field Data Collection With Survey123 For ArcGIS   Esri Technical Workshop
Technical Workshop: Exploratory Data Analysis with Insights for ArcGIS Presentation Esri Technical Workshop
Achieving Sustainable Development   Esri Inspiration
Crowdsourcing and Citizen Engagement   REACH Interactive Discussion Group
Web Application Builder for ArcGIS   FAO Interactive Discussion Group
Welcome to GIS for a Sustainable World Presentation Esri Plenary
Airbus DF Constellation   AIRBUS Plenary
Introduction to Exprodat Presentation Exprodat Plenary