2016 Esri Water Conference Proceedings

The Esri Water Conference 2016 Proceedings is a compilation of professional papers regarding a diverse collection of GIS applications. The conference was held February 9–11, in Austin, Texas. Esri users made a fundamental contribution to the conference by submitting and delivering presentations.

Note: If a user presentation is not listed, permission to publish was not granted.

Title Presentation Author Session
ArcGIS Online 2: Deploying Apps to Your Organization   Andrew Hargreaves | Joe Morocco Technical Workshop
ArcMap and Beyond: Desktop GIS for Water Presentation Matt Kennedy | Joe Morocco Technical Workshop
Flood Planning and Management with ArcGIS   Derek Lorbiecki Technical Workshop
Visualizing Your GIS: Beyond Symbology   Derek Lorbiecki Technical Workshop
Open Data: Sharing Your Data with Public, Partners, and Contractors Presentation Jason Channin | Matt Kennedy Technical Workshop
Practical Data Workflows for ArcGIS   Jason Channin | Matt Kennedy Technical Workshop
Power Your Enterprise with ArcGIS Apps Presentation Jeff Shaner | Joe Morocco Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Online 3: Managing Your ArcGIS Online Organization   Andrew Hargreaves | Derek Lorbiecki Technical Workshop
Utility Network   Larry Young Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Online 1: Configuring ArcGIS Online for You Organization   Andrew Hargreaves | Jason Channin Technical Workshop
Mobile GIS Optimizing Leak Detection Presentation Ryan McKeon Field Mobile Applications
Asset Management and Condition Inspections   Brent Wilson Enterprise Mobile
GIS Analysis & Applications for Stormwater Outfall Selection and Screening   Kevin Hasbun Water Quality
In-Network Chlorine Residual Management: Using GIS to Assess Flush Point Efficacy Presentation Ian Toohey Water Quality
A Software Development Kit for Developing Web-Based Modeling and Decision Support Apps   Norm Jones Modeling
Flood Control District Storm Patrol Application Presentation Ryan Hunsicker Flood Planning
GIS as a Critical Tool in a Water Resources Focused Civil Engineering Capstone Presentation Corrina Flesichmann Flood Modeling
Wastwater Risk Assessment Using Custom Python Toolbox in ArcGIS 10.2 Presentation Christina Hickey | Matt Stahl | Umer Khan Data & Workflow Automation
Using GIS for Water Conservation Rebate Programs Presentation Lou Reinbold Sustainability
Publishing National and Global High-Resolution Streamflow Forecasts   David Arctur Modeling
Maximizing Green Infrastructure Benefits: Deploying The Climate Impacts Vulnerability Index Presentation Samuel Molnar Sustainability
Modernization of Web Applications and Mobile Technologies with ArcGIS Online and Web AppBuilder   Steve Hutton | Kathryn Browning Enterprise Mobile
GIS Supports A Multi-agency Response to Flood   Philip Brown | Misty Downing | John Refolo Web Maps
Unlock the Power of Your Customer Data through GIS Presentation Jeff Brill | Frank Grabultz Data & Workflow Automation
Improving Flash Flood Response with an ArcGIS Online Road Closure App Presentation Michael Parma | Greg Brown Field Mobile Applications
Land Use Land Cover based Modeling of Potential E. coli Loadings in Watersheds Presentation Thushara Ranatunga Water Quality
HMS-PrePro-A GIS Preprocessor for Extracting Geospatial Data and Preparing HEC-HMS Hydrologic Models Presentation Cyndi Castro Flood Modeling
Exploiting the Power of Workflow Management Presentation Daniel Johns Data & Workflow Automation
A Multi-Agency Effort using GIS to Make Reservoir Flow-Release and Pipeline-Repair Decisions during 2015 Flooding Presentation Bob Ayensu | Glenn Clingenpeel Flood Planning
Integrating Asset Management, Customer Support and GIS During Outages   Toni Jackson Web Maps
99 Mobile Apps in Northeast Ohio Presentation Jeffrey Duke Enterprise Mobile
Using GIS to Realign Valve and Hydrant Maintenance Routes   Shawn Simpson Routing
Improved Routing Efficiency Using Out-of-the-Box ArcGIS Online Presentation Jeremy Manny Routing
Which Way Should I Go? Optimizing Service Routes Using the ArcGIS JavaScript API's RouteTask Function Presentation Russ Coffey Routing
Automated Pipeline Rehabilitation Planning Saves Fort Worth Millions Presentation Mark Shell System Integrity
Use Mobile GIS to Improve Water Distribution Integrity Presentation Ming Zhao System Integrity
Be Flood SAF(ER) - Situational Awareness For Emergency Response - River Flooding Extent Map Viewer Presentation Jared Allen Flood Planning
Transparency in Water Quality Data: Using GIS to Pull Back the Curtain   Melissa Miracle | Dirk Westbury Web Maps
Practical Application of GIS to Hydraulic Modeling Presentation Frank Grabultz Modeling
Creating a Mobile Presence   Toni Jackson Enterprise
The Strategic Need for Enterprise GIS   Geoff Stevens Enterprise
Deploying an Agile Utility Wide Location Platform   Carl Alexander Enterprise
Partner Focus   Brent Wilson, Al Rossmeisl, Cori Criss, Brant Scheidecker, Jon Kremer Partner Focus
Plenary   Chris Cappelli Plenary