2017 Esri Water Conference Proceedings

The Esri Water Conference Proceedings is a compilation of professional papers regarding a diverse collection of GIS applications. The conference was held February 7–9, in Orlando, FL. Esri users made a fundamental contribution to the conference by submitting and delivering presentations.

Note: If a user presentation is not listed, permission to publish was not granted.

Title Presentation Author Session
Asset Quality Collection on Storm Drain Culverts Throughout Montgomery County Maryland   Steve Long Field Inspections
Managing SSES Work with ArcGIS Online & Collector Presentation Brian Villers, Ryan Pulis, Miklos Nadas, Costas Kontos Field Inspections
Implementing Collector to Assist in Hydrant Inspection Workflow Presentation Kyle Crawford, Richard Littlefield Field Inspections
Source Water Protection Program-Using ArcMap Desktop and ArcGIS Online   Annette Mollet, Kerry Zwierschke Source Water Protection
Targeting and Managing Conservation Practices to Critical Areas   Julie Moore, Michael Winchell Source Water Protection
The Monongahela Monitor Presentation Joey James Source Water Protection
Integrate Inspections with Mapping for an Immediate ROI   Infrastructure Technologies Partner Solutions
Hurricane Matthew Preparedness & Recovery with Cityworks Presentation Greg Baird Partner Solutions
Creating the Florida Water Management Inventory Presentation Elke Ursin Water Quality - Data Sharing
Lead Testing for Residents in the City of Chicago: A New Challenge Utilizing a GIS Approach   Brad Kiep, Jeff Weaver Water Quality - Data Sharing
Optimizing Field Operations with ArcGIS Presentation Jeff Shaner Technical Workshop
Data Mangement Strategies for Field Data Collection Presentation Derek Lorbiecki Technical Workshop
Getting Started with ArcGIS - Moving from Paper to Platform Presentation Matt Kennedy Technical Workshop
WebGIS - Configuring a Web Mapping Portal Presentation Jason Channin, Deilson Da Silva Technical Workshop
Data Salad: Slicing, Dicing, and Serving it to Users Presentation Andrew Hargreaves Technical Workshop
Cloudburst Planning in New York City   John Brock Climate
Modeling the Dispersion of Precipitation Under Various Climate Change Scenarios in Hillsborough County, FL Presentation Toni Panaou Climate
Observed Precipitation Mapping for Focused Drought Outreach   Ariana Wilfley Climate
Water Quality Analysis and Land Use Impact Assessment in Belize Presentation Charlotte Haberstroh Water Quality Analysis
Impacts of Nonpoint Sources Pollution on Tiete River Water Quality   Matheus Ramin Water Quality Analysis
Development of Large Scale Terrain-Bathymetry Dataset for Stream Networks   Zhe Li Modeling
Creating Custom Utilities GIS Queries   Garrett Seay Modeling
Comparison of Watershed Erosion Prediction Models: GeoWEPP and Custom Model Built in ArcMap's ModelBuilder (10.3)   Allison Bohlman Modeling
Leveraging Technology to Improve Customer Service to Accommodate Light Rail Transit   Juan Arellano, Arash Farajian, Xiaoshi Geng CIP
Synergistic Relation Between Civil Engineering and GIS in the Water Utility Industry Presentation Damaris Villalobos-Galindo CIP
Automating Capital Investment Planning Decisions with GIS Presentation Christopher Kahn CIP
Understanding the Value of UAVs in a Water Utility Presentation Christopher Kahn Field Innovations
Modernizing our Cross Connection Program with the ArcGIS Platform Presentation Carl Alexander Field Innovations
Advancing GPS Accuracy with Collector Presentation Boston Snyder Field Innovations
Mapping Surface Drainage Units in Leon County, Florida Using Arc Hydro Tools Presentation Greg Mauldin Watershed Management
A Paradigm shift in Water-Sector Planning: The Meghalaya Story   Ankan De Watershed Management
Galveston Bay Status and Trends: Atlas Through the Ages Presentation Helen Walters, William Mobley Watershed Management
Unleashing the Portal to Support Water Operations Presentation Victoria Bullard Transformation
An Efficient, Accurate Mobile GIS Workflow using RTK GNSS Presentation Kirk Eidson Transformation
Paper to Platform: A mobile GIS Transformation in Kingsport Presentation Jake White, Kristen Steach Transformation
WebGIS - Configuring Real-Time Information and GeoAnalytics Presentation Jason Channin Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Content - How to Find and Use Data Presentation Derek Lorbiecki, Andrew Hargreaves Technical Workshop
Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS Presentation Matt Kennedy Technical Workshop
The Road Ahead for Network Management Presentation Larry Young Technical Workshop
Engaging Staff and Expanding GIS Enterprise-Wide Presentation Dan Hilyer, Jessica Stack Enterprise / Innovation
Zero to 60 - FGUA's Race to a Comprehensive Asset Management Program Presentation Douglas Black Enterprise / Innovation
Transforming a Grass Roots Program to an Enterprise GIS   Jeff Brill, Frank Grablutz Enterprise / Innovation
Using GIS to Interpret Aerial Photos for Flood Modeling Presentation Alice Godbey Flood
City of Rome and Flood Risk Presentation Antonio Annis, Fernando Nardi Flood
Leveraging Water Utility Solutions During Hurricane Matthew Presentation Tom Tibbitts Flood
Integrating GIS with Customer Service Data Improves OWASA Utility Operations Presentation Beth Canada System Integration / Optimization
Mobile GIS Makes Gwinnett County's BMP Inspection Program More Efficient   Eric Swett System Integration / Optimization
Mitigating Water Loss to Increase Revenue   Alan Lee System Integration / Optimization
WebGIS - Configuring Applications Presentation Matt Kennedy Technical Workshop
Flood - Protect People and Property with GIS Presentation Derek Lorbiecki Technical Workshop
Engaging Citizens by Providing Public Information Presentation Andrew Hargreavesk, Deilson Da Silva Technical Workshop