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Esri Proceedings

2009 Developer Summit

Designing and Developing Geoprocessing Tools with ArcGIS

—Bill Moreland, Dale Honeycutt

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This session is for developers who are interested in leveraging the geoprocessing framework and associated Python and ArcObjects Software Developer Kit (SDK) to build well-designed tools. It will look at how the new geoprocessing features in ArcGIS 9.3 can be used to simplify tool development. Demonstrations, including code examples using Python and .NET, will be used to illustrate the development techniques and best practices that should be implemented in this framework. The major topics will include how to set script tool parameters and their properties as well as how to provide custom behavior for tools when used with ArcGIS Desktop. Custom behavior includes the enabling and disabling of parameters, providing default parameter values, updating parameter value descriptions of output data, allowing tools to work seamlessly in ModelBuilder, and improving an organizations overall efficiency when working with ArcGIS.

Prerequisites: Geoprocessing tools, Python, .NET

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