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2010 Developer Summit Proceedings

Esri Proceedings

2010 Developer Summit

ArcGIS Server Performance and Scalability—Testing Methodologies

—Andrew Sakowicz, Frank Pizzi

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For many projects, performance is the Achilles' heel. Performance problems expose the enterprise to business inefficiencies and the potential failure of critical business components. Testing, monitoring, and tuning your environment will pay off in an application that minimizes cost, maximizes return on investment, and delivers the performance users need to meet business goals. This session will demonstrate performance testing methodologies for ArcGIS Server deployments and show how testing can be used to collect performance baselines, identify bottlenecks, use existing resource capacity more efficiently, and verify that the system meets the required performance level of service. You'll also see how to write scripts for the testing of various frameworks and APIs including ADF AJAX, tasks, REST API, SOAP API, data-driven unit tests, and desktop application testing. We'll also demonstrate different performance tools including Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Apache JMeter, HP LoadRunner, Borland SilkPerformer, and NRG AppLoader.

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