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2010 Developer Summit Proceedings

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2010 Developer Summit

Ruby-fu: Using ArcGIS Server with Rails

—Dave Bouwman (DTSAgile)

Listen and view the presentation [WMV]

Ruby on Rails is a popular Web development platform, powering Twitter, Hulu, and Basecamp, among others. Focused on using convention over configuration, and "elegant code," Ruby on Rails lets you build data driven applications very quickly. Since all the cool kids with start-ups are using Rails, this presentation will show how it can dance with ArcGIS Server. This presentation will examine a simple Rails project that exposes Tax Parcel information in a RESTful manner. The ArcGIS Server SOAP API will fetch the data and embed a static map into the page. This is not a Ruby 101 talk, but you'll look at how to use the Savon gem and some optimizations for use with the ArcGIS Server SOAP API. The sample data is the Portland parcels from the ArcGIS Online sample server, and the source code will be made available on ArcScripts and GitHub.

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