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Strategies to Help Teachers Lead Locally-Based GIS Environmental Investigations
Track: Educational Research and Teacher Education
Author(s): Cathlyn Stylinski, Cassie Doty

GIS offers a powerful avenue to community investigations, which can engage K-12 students in local issues, help them link prior understanding with new knowledge, and dramatically extend the classroom experience. However, locally-based GIS explorations present many challenges for teachers with limited time and skills to acquire local datasets and write curriculum. Through our NSF-funded Inquiring with GIS project, we have developed and refined strategies to help teachers learn complex geospatial functions, develop their own customized datasets, and successfully implement a local GIS-based watershed investigation in their classrooms. These strategies include providing comprehensive curriculum constructed with the Understanding-by-Design framework, classroom-friendly regional data layers, straightforward guidance to create a limited number of local data layers, opportunities to practice new skills, and extensive follow-up support. We will discuss these strategies and highlight evaluation results, which include improved teacher skills and comfort working with GIS and using it in the classroom.

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