2019 Education GIS Conference Proceedings

The Education Summit @ Esri UC provides a forum for members of the education community to come together and share their GIS experiences and knowledge. Here you will find copies of papers given by EdUC attendees on various topics in San Diego, California. We hope that you will benefit from these papers as you take what was learned at the EdUC and apply them to your own work.

Title Presentation Author
Cognitive Impact of GIS Use by K-12 Students: Their Brains on GIS!  Bob Kolvoord
Building a GeoCyberTraining Hub for Geospatial Data Science Education  Ming-Hsiang Tsou
Teaching in Incredible Times  Michael Jabot
Designing a GIS Course for Non-GIS Undergraduate Majors: Lessons Learned  Karen Siderelis, Sara Chavarria, Michelle Higgins, Alexander Ruff
Promoting Geospatial Analysis in High School: Urban Heat Island Investigation  Ian Hanson, Dave Anastasio, Alec Bodzin, James Carrigan, William Farnina, Thomas Hammond, Breena Holland, Kate Popejoy, Scott Rutzmoser, Dork Sahagian, Shannon Salter
Promoting Geospatial Analysis in High School: Urban Heat Island Investigation  Shannon Salter, David Anastasio, Robson Araujo Junior, Alec Bodzin, William Farina, Qiong Fu, Tom Hammond, Ian Hanson, Breena Holland, Kate Popejoy, Scott Rutzmoser, Dork Sahagian
Creating a Virtual Reality Emergency Sim in High School  Erik Bushland, Anais Anderson
Making Story Maps the Bread and Butter of Your Classroom Presentation Tara Vansell
Geospatial LMI: Linking Education and Workforce Systems Using Story Maps Presentation Stephanie Feger, Brian Donnelly, Wallace Walrod
Spruce up Your GIS Classes with Drone-Specific Learning Activities  Presentation Wing Cheung
Developing an Introductory Drone Course; Objectives, Content, Equipment, Cost Presentation Ken Yanow
Removing Barriers to K12 GIS Implementation in WV Presentation Erika Klose
Developing Curriculum for the Real-World Business Professional Presentation Lindsay Yossef, Chelekis Monica, Shukla-Belmontes, Sheila Steinberg
Integrating SAR, Drones and Field Observation to Monitor Deforestation in Panama  Abigail Bohman
Building a Humanities Story Map Assignment  Chris Saladin, Shana Crosson
Drone2Map in Higher Education. Applying UAS Technology to GIS Education  Phillip Davis, John Nelson
A Guide to Passing the FAA Part 107 Certification Exam for Educators  Rich Schultz
The Hour of Cyberinfrastructure for GIScience Project  Karen Kemp
Mining the Gold: Leveraging Digital Archives for Geospatial Research Presentation Michael Howser
 Professional Develop Opportunities to Expand Your Geospatial Knowledge  Nicole Ernst
4-H Geotrails in Broome County NY  Chip Malone
Platform for the estimating of Guava production through geographic tools  LAURA CRISTINA, BECERRA GONZALEZ, Roman Arce
Geospatial Educator Certification Project: Documenting Geospatial Expertise  Ann Johnson
Taking Geo-Inquiries to Each State  Ross Cope
Generating 3D Models to Augment Student Learning and Conceptualization  Christopher Oxendine, Matthew Obanion, William Wright
Generating 3D Models to Augment Student Learning and Conceptualization  Presentation Steven Moore, Lisa Benvenuti, Hideko Sera
How GIS Can Be Used to Inform and Evaluate Policy Decisions in Education Presentation Lyndsay Springer
Multiple Resources to Start, Update or Expand Your Program  Ken Yanow, Ann Johnson
Mapping Possible Futures: Scenario Planning in the Hands of the Next Generation  Jennifer Minner
Ubiquitous GIS: A Ground-Truthed Approach to Program Development Presentation Sheila Steinberg, J. Murphy Lindsay, Yossef Chelekis
Green Infrastructure and GIS: Benefits to Students and Their Communities  Bill Montgomery
How to Teach a 1000 Level GIS Course Without a Textbook  Presentation Ulrike Ingram
ArcGIS Isn’t Really Special: Making GIS a Common Tool For All Students  Lu Boren
Using Storymaps to Explore Urban Ecology in Rochester, NY and Malmö, Sweden  Karl Korfmacher
Support of the GIS Class to the Local Government in Air Quality  MAYERLING SANABRIA
Open Data and GIS the University of Michigan Botanical Gardens & Arboretum Presentation Maricela Avalos
Using GIS to Understand Oral Health Access in North Carolina Presentation Thomas Ray, Oum Lahade
Geography & Civics in Action: Studying Zoning and Built Environment with WebGIS  Tom Hammond, Alec Bodzin, James Carrigan, William Farina, Breena Holland, Ernesto Lopez, Kate Popejoy, Scott Rutzmoser, Shannon Salter
West Michigan Food Insecurity: Using Cluster Analysis and GIS to Identify Needs  Steve Borders
Web Apps and Story Maps for the Digital Humanities: Mapping Jewish Culture Presentation Caitlin Dickinson
Who Are Using ArcGIS Online? A Usage Report of Purdue University’s AGO  Presentation Shirley Li, Karen Hum, Nicole Kong
Teaching GIS-Powered Data Visualization with Insights  Presentation Mia Partlow, Jeff Essic
Spatial Justice and Injustice in the City of Erie  Christopher Magno
Spreading the GeoSpatial Semester into New Territory  Katherine James, Steven McGee, David Uttal
GIS Learning Activities for Pre-Service Teacher STEM Professional Development  David Padgett
Big Stone Lake Stories: Engaging with Land, Water, and Maps  Jonee Brigham
City Studio: Making a 20-Minute City  Deitrick, Stephanie
Discovering Meanings of Place with GIS Story Maps Shana Crosson, Jonee Brigham
Cognitive Learning Theory & GIS: The PowerPoint of the Future in Social Sciences David Leventhal
This Was Chill: Using Interactive Maps in Civics and Government Classes Presentation Rebecca Theobald
Spatial Business Workforce for Contemporary Businesses Presentation Avijit Sarkar, Thomas Horan, James Pick
Integrating Geospatial Tech with Math and Science Pre-Service Teachers Michael Camponovo, Michael Lawson, Joshua Rosenberg
Texas GeoInquiries: The Untold Story Anita Palmer
Finding the Passion in Data: Empowering Youth to Channel their Activism Karissa Deiter, Adele Malpert, Danielle Wilfong, Marianne Zape
Esri's GIS Platform Is the Perfect High School Capstone Research Tool on Campus Roger Palmer
Collaborative Infusion: Advancing Academic GIS Use Via a Community of Practice James Gramlich, Tong Cheng, Mukila Maitha, Mike Ribant
Engaging Students in Culturally Relevant GIS Activities Reginald Archer, David Padgett
Using GIS to Assess Patterns of Chronic Absenteeism and CA School Dashboard Data Krystal Ramirez, Ted Alejandre, Beth Higbee, James Martinez
East Meets West – Equity at the Polls Brianne Gilbert, Alex Kempler
ArcGIS Online Administration at Scale in Higher Education Context Presentation Seth Peery
Creating the Minnesota GeoInquiries: Lessons and Opportunities Presentation Shana Crosson
Creative Cartography: The City as Site of Cultural Production Susanna Horng
Injury and Trauma Research Training Program For Botswana Presentation Vicky W Tam
Building Geospatial Capacity: From Drones to State-based GeoInquiries Shannon White
Palomar College Incroporates Drone Technology into Their Achaeology Program Elizabeth Pain
Michigan Specific GeoInquiries Development Collaboration Randall E Raymond, Andrew Bruen, Russell Columbus
Drone Technology, Workshop Presentations and Classroom Michelle Kinzel
Magnifying Michigan Allison Hoff
Empower Faculty to Teach with Spatial Thinking through Storytelling Presentation Kate Carlson and Chris Saladin
Practical Tips for Incorporating Survey123 and Story Maps into the Classroom Presentation Mark Francek
Student Centered Action: Informing Policy for District Wellness Presentation Corri-Anne Burgess, Lynne Barnes-Wallace
Sachse Emergency Response Simulation Presentation Anais Anderson, Patrick Anderson