2021 Education GIS Conference Proceedings

The Education Summit @ Esri UC provides a forum for members of the education community to come together and share their GIS experiences and knowledge. We hope that you will benefit from these papers as you take what was learned at the EdUC and apply them to your own work. The virtual conference was held on June 21-22, 2021

Title Video Author(s) Session
Higher Education Plenary Session: Design Thinking in GIS Education Presentation Uwe Brandes, Kristen Kurland, Angela Lee, Geri Miller Plenary
Building and Sustaining GIS Education Communities Presentation Ella Kasten, Erin Mutch, Kate Carlson User Presentation
Inspiring Change: Perspectives on Embracing New Technologies Presentation Krystle Harrell, Angie Milakovic, Christopher Kruz User Presentation
Engaging Students in Community Issues Presentation Wing Cheung, Sheila Steinberg, Megan Dixon User Presentation
Pandemic Inspired Pedagogical Innovations Presentation Miriam Olivares, Alicia De Toro, Seda Salap-Ayca User Presentation
Best Practices for Managing GIS in the Era of Modern GIS Presentation Peter Knoop, Geri Miller Technical Workshop
Supporting the Use of Modern GIS Across Your Institution Presentation Peter Knoop, Geri Miller Technical Workshop
Providing Access to Non-SaaS Components of Modern GIS Presentation Peter Knoop, Geri Miller Technical Workshop
Map Smarter: Get Started with the New Map Viewer Presentation Kylie Donia, Joseph Kerski Technical Workshop
K-12 Education Plenary Session: Beyond the Tunnel Presentation Tom Baker, Laura Bowden, Kylie Donia, Charlie Fitzpatrick, Riley Peake, Jason Sawle Plenary
Get Creative! Presentation Hok Him Aaron Liu, Kate Popejoy, Brett Dascombe User Presentation
Building Better Beyond the Classroom Presentation Thomas Ray, Fran Harvey, Kelly Adams User Presentation
GIS Across the Curriculum Presentation Soumya Chennapragada, Luz Angela Rocha Salamanca User Presentation
Using GIS to Prepare for Life After High School Presentation Bob Kolvoord, Katie James, Marilyn Nielson User Presentation
The Power of Focus Projects Across Space and Time Presentation Curby Alexander, Tom Hammond, Bronwynn Terrell User Presentation
Research on Building Student and Teacher Capacity Presentation Bob Coulter, Lori Hare, Stacey Stark User Presentation
Teaching with a GIS Toolkit Presentation Judith Bock, Michael Wagner, Dominique Evans-Bye User Presentation
GeoHumanities: A New Perspective on Digital Humanities Presentation Caitlin Dickinson, Jennifer Tilton, Jeremiah Huggins User Presentation
Resilient GIS Education Presentation Michael Gould, Kate Parks, Justine Blanford, Forrest Bowlick Technical Workshop
Leveraging Librarian Power: Enhancing GIS Instruction Through Co-Teaching Presentation Miriam Olivares, Dana Tomlin, Patricia Cabajales, Natalie Sianko, Jeremy Mennis Technical Workshop
Campus Digital Twins: Improving Operations with Spatial Data Integrations Presentation Justin Anderson, Brian Baldwin Technical Workshop
Navigating Esri's Educational Resources: Finding What You Need When You Need It Presentation Angela Lee, Kathy Cappelli, Sasha Gallardo, David Davis, Eric Gillett Technical Workshop
Location Intelligence Enriches Business Education Presentation Perry Beaumont, Avijit Sarkar User Presentation
Novel Approaches to Learning with Data Presentation Steve Border, Chris Saladin, Maria Brown, Michael Gould User Presentation
Adventures in Credentials Presentation Nicole Ernst, Mariano Mapili, Rodney Jackson User Presentation
Resources for GIS Education and Professional Development Presentation Ann Johnson, Anand Padmanabhan, Ningning Kong User Presentation
ArcGIS Online Orgs for Schools Part 1: Starting Well or Fixing an Oops Presentation Charlie Fitzpatrick, Tom Baker, Kylie Donia Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Online Orgs for Schools Part 2: Managing for Effective Instruction and Utility Presentation Charlie Fitzpatrick, Tom Baker, Kylie Donia Technical Workshop
Field Data Collection: Power Without Pain Presentation Kylie Donia Technical Workshop
We Have Data! Now What? Presentation Kylie Donia Technical Workshop
People Mapping: Finding and Using Demographic Data Presentation Joseph Kerski Technical Workshop
Creating Virtual Geoscience Teaching Resources with ArcGIS Presentation Jason Sawle, Kylie Donia Technical Workshop
Using ArcGIS StoryMaps in the Classroom Presentation Allen Carroll, Ross Donihue, Lara Winegar Technical Workshop
Teaching Modern Remote Sensing Presentation Delphine Kanna, Emily Windahl, Canserina Kurnia Technical Workshop