2018 Esri European Petroleum GIS Conference Proceedings

The 2018 Esri European Petroleum GIS Conference Proceedings features presentations from the petroleum, gas, and pipeline GIS user communities. The conference was held October 30–31, 2018, in London, United Kingdom. These are the presentations given by industry GIS professionals who have made a fundamental contributions to the conference by submitting and delivering presentations.

Note:If a user presentation is not listed, permission to publish was not granted.

Title Presentation Author Session
E/P Data Management in the Cloud using ArcGIS and PPDM Presentation Tom Royston An Enterprise Approach
Nord Stream 2—A Story of Gas Pipelines and GIS Technology from the Start Presentation Cecile Noverraz An Enterprise Approach
NPD—Library of the NCS 2026 Presentation Alf Veland An Enterprise Approach
BP One Map—Sustaining "Where" for our Business   Dominic Bull Digital Transformation
Digitalisation at Shell and the Geographic Advantage   Rob Dunfrey Digital Transformation
How Does GIS Fit with Digitalization and Data Liberation?   Jostein Bjerkan Digitalization, Analytics and Integration
Integrating Spatial Features and E-Documents for Efficient Asset Management Workflows   Antony Biondi Digitalization, Analytics and Integration
New insights from Spatial, ,Maintaining the Competitive Advantage of Spatial in the Analytics Era   Mark Jones Digitalization, Analytics and Integration
A GIS based Knowledge Management Tool for Exploration Activities: A Case Study Presentation Jørgen Jørgensen Exploration Oriented Workflows
An Analytic-Geospatial Approach for Identifying Cratonic Basins   Sofia Campo Exploration Oriented Workflows
Using ArcGIS Pro for Structural and Paleotectonic Modelling Presentation Nelly Burtseva Exploration Oriented Workflows
Access , Understand, Act and Monitor   Deborah Humphreville Imagery and Oil Spill Contingency Planning
Harnessing ArcGIS Online for Oil Spill Response Presentation Liam Harrington-Missin Imagery and Oil Spill Contingency Planning
Managing GIS in the Generation Business—From Scratch to Daily Use Presentation David Fernandes Pipeline Analytics
Accurate Subsea Infrastructures Discretization   Federico Henriques Pipeline Analytics
Trial of a Process for the Identification of Reduced Depth of Cover on Buried Pipelines Presentation Daniel Finley Pipeline Analytics
Lessons Learnt: Creating the Digital Twin Concurrently for Pipeline Projects Presentation Keith Winning Pipeline Asset Management
Managing and Analyzing ILI Data with APR and Enterprise Geodatabases Presentation Otto Huisman Pipeline Asset Management
GIS, the Subsurface and Graph Databases—Leveraging the Power of Integration to Reveal Business Insight Presentation Nick Fosbery When Finding 'Stuff' Gets Tricky
Mapping Analogues   Paul Cleverley When Finding 'Stuff' Gets Tricky
Technology Advancements in Pipeline Data Management Presentation Jeff Allen Technical Workhsop
Mobile Presentation Jeff Shaner Technical Workhsop