2021 Esri European Petroleum GIS Conference Proceedings

The 2021 Esri European Petroleum GIS Conference Proceedings features presentations from the petroleum, gas, and pipeline GIS user communities. The conference was held November 9–10, 2021. These are the presentations given by industry GIS professionals who have made a fundamental contributions to the conference by submitting and delivering presentations.

Note:If a user presentation is not listed, permission to publish was not granted.

Title Presentation Video Author Session
Digitalization, Diversification and Geospatial Technologies Video Brian Boulmay Plenary
Digital Transformation at the Oil and Gas Authority Presentation Video John Seabourn, Tanya Knowles User Presentation
Enabling Key Digital Transformation through Enterprise Migration Presentation Video Jorrit Jorritsma, Mark Jones User Presentation
GIGS 2.0 - Enabling Trustworthy Location Intelligence Video Josh Townsend User Presentation
Extending OSDU with the Geospatial Consumption Zone (GCZ) Video Brian Boulmay Industry Session
Operations, HSE and ESG Presentation Video Billy Patel Industry Session
Digitalization of Shell's Shipping Fleet Video James Bowler, John Arundell, Toby Chamberlin User Presentation
Using GIS Tools in the Context of an Oil Spill Contingency Plan Video Lance Valeroso, Romain Collette User Presentation
Oil Spill Drift Model Initiated with Thickness Variations Presentation Video Martine Espeseth, Hugo Isaksen, Alastair Cannell, Charlotte Bishop User Presentation
Data, Analytics, Visualization: The Three-Legged Maritime Domain Awareness Stool Presentation Video Matt Cadwallader, Rafael Schiller, Ridley Smith User Presentation
Project Zeus - Methane Identification and Quantification Video Kevin Goldsmith User Presentation
Putting Carbon Capture on the Map Video Chris Richardson User Presentation
Working with Experience Builder Presentation Video Bee Smith, Jenny Gray User Presentation
Pipeline Management Video Jeff Allen Industry Session
From Construction to Operations Video Cecile Noverraz User Presentation
Subsea, Pipeline, Riser Twin (SPiRiT) Video Graham Savage User Presentation
Laying the Foundation For A Robust Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) Video Neal O'Driscoll User Presentation
Inline Inspection to Determine Shallow Depth of Cover Video Simon Daniels User Presentation
The Role of GIS in the Routing of Subsea Cables/Pipelines Video Holly Cairns, Paul Slater User Presentation
Renewables and Transition Presentation Video Adam Pittman Industry Session
Supporting the UK’s Decarbonization Ambitions with GIS Video Michelle Moore User Presentation
Global Offshore Wind Combined Risk Analysis Video Simon Kettle User Presentation
How Can Heat Mapping Improve Our Understanding of On-site Conditions and Drive Decision-Making? Video Ayham Rezk, Tara Twine User Presentation
Simplifying Seabed Investigations for Offshore Wind Projects Video Clement Tam, Erlend Kvinnesland, Jordan Geear User Presentation
Using Geospatial Intelligence to Map Seabed Risks for Floating Offshore Wind Video Liam Murray User Presentation
Zero to Hero: How GIS Has Advanced the Solar Industry Video Ben Foster User Presentation
Lightsource bp and One Map (Solar) Presentation Video Piers Byrne User Presentation