2022 Esri Energy Resources GIS Conference

The 2022 Esri Energy Resources GIS Conference Proceedings is a compilation of professional abstracts and presentations that were delivered in-person on May 4-5, 2022.

Title Presentation Video Author Session
Plenary: Part 1 Video Jack Dangermond, Dal Hunter, Matt Jones, Danny Spillman, Bern Szukalski, Sarah Ramirez, Scott Noulis, Vinay Viswambharan, Jeff Shaner Plenary
Plenary:Part 2 Video Brian Boulmay, Paul Herrmann, Steven Brown, Scott Noulis, Sarah Ramirez, Garrett Rimel, Kelly Holleran, Aidan Thurling, Gary Bowles, Julia Kabelik, Jeff Allen, Kyle Daughtry, Athicha Dhanormchitphong, Andrew Norris Plenary
Pipeline II: Pipeline GIS Industry Update Presentation Jeff Allen Special Presentation
ArcGIS Pro: What's New and The Road Ahead Presentation Kory Kramer Technical Workshop
Intelligent Operations: Mobility, Routing, Emissions, Field Analytics, and Digital Twins Presentation Scott Noulis Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Enterprise: What's New and The Road Ahead Presentation Trevor Seaton, Jill Edstrom-Shoemaker Technical Workshop
Smart Workplace Operations Using ArcGIS Indoors, ArcGIS IPS and Mobile Presentation Beau Ryck Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Online & The Living Atlas: What's New and Road Ahead Presentation Bern Szukalski Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro: Tips and Tricks for Energy Mapping and Analysis Jenny Harrison Technical Workshop
Using Portal 101: ArcGIS InstantApps, ArcGIS Story Maps, and WAB Presentation Bern Szukalski, Sarah Ramirez Technical Workshop
Data Science 101: Big Data, GeoAI, ML/DL and Pre-Trained Models Presentation Brady Cline, Mansour Raad Technical Workshop
Using Portal 102: Dashboards, Insights, PowerBI and Infographics Presentation Elvis Takow Technical Workshop
Data Science 102: ArcGIS Notebooks, Knowledge and Automation Presentation Brady Cline, Mansour Raad Technical Workshop
Field Mobility Using ArcGIS Field Apps, ArcGIS Survey123, ArcGIS QuickCapture and More Presentation Jeff Shaner Technical Workshop
Imagery 101: ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Image Analyst, ArcGIS Image Server, ArcGIS Image, and Imagery Data Presentation Aidan Thurling, Chris Sheil, Vinay Viswambharan Technical Workshop
Real-Time GIS: ArcGIS GeoEvent Server, ArcGIS Velocity and GeoAnalytics Presentation Cameron Amrine Technical Workshop
Imagery 102: ArcGIS Sitescan, ArcGIS Drone2Map, SURE, Imagery Analytics, and Pre-Trained Models Presentation Aidan Thurling, Chris Sheil, Vinay Viswambharan Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Monitor: Monitor, Optimize and Report Presentation Andrew Sakowicz Technical Workshop
Enterprise Logistics: Building Networks, Routing, and Dynamic Field Mobility Presentation Fernando De Vivo, Scott Noulis Technical Workshop
PUG Community Meeting: Mapping the Future of Energy Presentation Andrew Norris, Brian Boulmay Technical Workshop
Building a GIS Strategy Discussion Presentation Chris Huber, Fernando De Vivo, Lyndal Brookhart Technical Workshop
3D Web Interface for Visualizing Complex Subsurface Well/Lease Relationships Presentation Jeffrey Kenny, Martha Barboza User Presentation
Collaborative Development of GIS Tools for Unconventionals: Analyzing Well Relationships and Modeling Future Well Inventory with ArcGIS Pro Presentation Richard Webb, Robert Hendrickson User Presentation
CNX Resources – Mobile Data Collection Story Ben Ogle User Presentation
Automating User Creation with Survey123 and Python Notebooks in ArcGIS Online Presentation Christopher Moravec User Presentation
EnerVest Delivers Enterprise GIS Integration with Kingdom and FME Presentation Nathan Wood, Todd Buehlman User Presentation
When GIS Meets AI, Seismic Uplift Fees Validation Presentation Marco Terrazas User Presentation
Simplify Your Complex Survey123 Forms with JavaScript Mara Stoica User Presentation
Global Attending and Passing Vessel Collision Monitoring Presentation Justin McCreight User Presentation
Utilizing GIS To Responsibly Construct and Protect People, Assets, and the Environment & the Challenges of Implementation Presentation Brent Pingel, Jacob Parker User Presentation
Digital Reality Ecosystem: Moving to a Visual Way of Working Athicha Dhanormchitphong, Kyle Daughtry User Presentation
An Innovative Approach to Map the Site Conservation Value for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Bruce Burwell User Presentation
GIS Solutions for Environmental Emergency Management and Monitoring Oil Spill Ventanilla, Perú Presentation Angel Lera, Marcela Torrado Escobar User Presentation
PODS Update on 7.0.1 Monique Roberts, Luke Hutmacher User Presentation
Chevron Pipeline GIS Modernization and PODS 7 Presentation Luke Hamlin, Paul Herrmann User Presentation
BP Implemented Esri Indoors to Support Contact Tracing During COVID Presentation Justin Piwetz, Todd Buehlman User Presentation
Leveraging ArcGIS for Responsible Sourced Gas Certification Presentation Gary Bowles User Presentation
Renewables Interactive Visualizer for Returns Garrett Baker User Presentation
Colonial Pipeline Automatically Tracks & Reports Earthquake Activity Near Pipelines Presentation Eric James, Todd Buehlman, Garima Vyas User Presentation
Survey123 Integration with PODS GIS at DCP Midstream Presentation Dale Boyett, Jeff Boyton, Tori Metz User Presentation
How Renewables Companies are Using Enterprise GIS to Drive Business Presentation David Treering, Todd Buehlman User Presentation
Optimizing Offshore Wind Farm Layouts using ArcGIS Pro Adrian Birch, Richard Webb User Presentation
Asbuilt Project Tracker Phillip Blondin User Presentation
Successfully Instituting a Digital Quality Management System on Pipeline Construction Using Mobile and GIS Technologies Presentation Abhay Chand User Presentation
Follow the Data - Breaking Down Silos Presentation Jill Miller, Steve Huerta User Presentation
Powering Progress with ArcGIS Online Presentation Casey Smithson User Presentation
Integrating Inline Inspection Data into Your Pipeline Digital Twin Tracy Thorleifson User Presentation
Automating the Path to Decision-Ready Analytics with Artificial Intelligence Presentation Sam Acheson User Presentation
Leveraging ArcGIS Enterprise as a Solution Ecosystem for a Startup or Small Operator Presentation Dee Glazebrook, Jason Ramirez, Mike Bailey User Presentation
Compilation of Usage Metrics for ArcGIS Enterprise and Online Utilizing Operations Dashboard Presentation Ulf Becker, David Jacob User Presentation
Class Location Doesn't Determine Regulated Gas Gathering Anymore? Presentation Tad Nowicki User Presentation
Fast and Centralized Analysis for Class Location and HCA Analysis Presentation Lianne Stewart User Presentation