2017 European Transportation GIS Summit

The European Transportation GIS Summit brings together GIS experts from road, rail, aviation, public transport, maritime and logistics transportation organizations in Europe and beyond to learn from each other's challenges and successes. This event was May 10–11, 2017 and these are the presentations from attendees and staff.

Title Presentation Presenters Session
Implementation of a Shared Geodata Platform at Swiss Railways Presentation Raoul Parli Plenary Session
An Overview of 3D across the ArcGIS Platform Presentation Chris Andrews Plenary Session
Creating a Mobility Analytics Dashboard Presentation Roland Degelmann Solutions for Insights and Analysis
How Public Transport Decreases Train Delays Using SAP Analytics   Iver van de Zand Solutions for Insights and Analysis
Advanced Strategic and Real-Time Airport Pavement Management in Billund Airport   Uwe Scholtz Real-Time Management at Airports
Real-Time GIS at Brussels Airport—A Step Forward Presentation Christophe Vanden Durpel Real-Time Management at Airports
Transportation Platform for Traveler Information and Transit Network Accessibility at Keolis Lyon & Rennes Presentation Frédéric Schettini Solutions for Public Transport & ITS
Automatic Production of Bus Routes, Stop Maps & Topology at Paris Region Public Transport Authority Presentation Frédéric Schettini Solutions for Public Transport & ITS
The Benefits of C-ITS Services: NordicWay and the Finnish Coop Pilot   Axel Borchert Solutions for Public Transport & ITS
Lessons Learned in Integrating EAM and ArcGIS Presentation Dr. Pascal Laumet Road Asset Management
Implementing Esri Roads and Highways in Germany, Luxemburg & Switzerland Presentation Dr. Heiko Willenbacher Road Asset Management
Comprehensive Tool For Road Operators in Czech Republic Presentation David Novák Road Asset Management
Developing a Web Based Rail Asset DSS for Network Rail, with Dynamic Schematic & Map Based Linear Event   Andy Kervell Web-Based Systems in Railways
WebGIS for Public Communication on Railway Maintenance Presentation Albert van Kempen Web-Based Systems in Railways
GIS-based Vegetation Management at Swiss Railways Presentation Simon Haesler Web-Based Systems in Railways
Change of an Era: Becoming a Smart Port Presentation Erwin Rademaker Innovations in Maritime GIS
Three Ports, Three Geographies, One GIS Platform   Eduardo Moutinho Innovations in Maritime GIS
Real Time Traffic Management using Open Data and ArcGIS Online   Marc Kleemann Data for Traffic Management
Bavaria's Road Weather Platform   Markus Stecker Data for Traffic Management
Web-Map Applications for Traffic Safety Presentation Jan Kubecek Data for Traffic Management
Storing and Using Quality Assured Aeronautical Data for Chart Production Presentation Ana Ejhed Data Driven Aero Charting
ArcGIS for Aviation: Air Navigation Service Providers & Airports Presentation Bruce Frank Data Driven Aero Charting
GIS-Centric Asset Management for Tramway Maintenance in Gothenburg Presentation Bjorn Holm Asset Management in Railways
Geo-Temporal Analysis of Project Controls at a Major Railway   Rod Peel Asset Management in Railways
Transforming Big Data & GIS into Action—Accelerating Incident Handling Time Presentation Udi Segall Asset Management in Railways
Space-Time Analysis of Pavement Monitoring for Athens Toll Road Presentation Thanos Doganis Real-Time Systems
Esri Real-Time & Big Data Overview Presentation Thomas Paschke Real-Time Systems
Powering the National Airspace System with Enterprise GIS- An FAA Case Study Presentation Jonathan Weaver Enterprise Solutions in Aviation
Collaborative Approach to Airports Transformation   Vickie Withnell Enterprise Solutions in Aviation
FK Distribution Warehouse Location & Route Optimization with ArcGIS Presentation Leif Dahl Petersen Transport Logistics
Fynbus Optimized Scheduling in Demand Responsive Transport Presentation Leif Dahl Petersen Transport Logistics
Digital Railway Infrastructure in the European Signalization Context Presentation Damien Barache Harmonization of European Networks
GIS in Governance of Trans-European Transport Networks Presentation Hasan Tufan Harmonization of European Networks
Concept for Integration of BIM and GIS in Transportation Projects Presentation Joerg Schaller BIM/CAD Interoperability
How to Deal with Different Transportation Data Standards   Verena Henners BIM/CAD Interoperability
Strategies for Integrating CAD & BIM in ArcGIS Presentation Don Kuehne BIM/CAD Interoperability
Revolutionizing Ground Handling Services at Airports   Rainer Wolfsberger Airport Demos and Panel Discussion
sonAIR, the Swiss Approach for Aircraft Noise Calculation, Visualization and Impact Assessment   Micha Köpfli Airport Demos and Panel Discussion
Walkalytics—Pedestrian Routing Done the Right Way Presentation Rafael Brunner Smart Mobility
Urban Mobility at the Age of Smart Communities Presentation David Jonglez Smart Mobility
Flexible Visualisation of River Information Services Data   Henri Van Oosterwyck Maritime GIS
Opening Statements Presentation Ian Koeppel Plenary Session
Welcome by Esri Deutschland   Jurgen Schomakers Plenary Session
Welcome by German Ministry of Transport   Ute Weiland Plenary Session
ArcGIS for Maritime Presentation Tom De Puty ArcGIS for Maritime
Finding Opportunity in Technology Change Presentation Drew Millen Plenary Session