2018 European Transportation GIS Summit

The European Transportation GIS Summit brings together GIS experts from road, rail, aviation, public transport, maritime and logistics transportation organizations in Europe and beyond to learn from each other's challenges and successes. This event was October 2-3, 2018 and these are the presentations from attendees and staff.

Title Presentation Author Job Title Session
Deploying GIS as part of an Airport Enterprise Asset Management System   Morgan Crumlish Spatial Data Manager Airport Asset Management
Optimizing Schiphol Assetmanagement processes with realtime data   Kees van 't Hoog Geo Product Owner Airport Asset Management
Applying GIS/BIM at HS2   Jon Kerbey Director of BIM Closing Session
Managing earthworks representations in a Spatial DBMS   Hen Wagner BIM Information Systems Manager GIS/BIM Integration
Advantages of GIS & BIM integration throughout the entire building lifecycle   Marcella Faraone Head of GIS/BIM Competency Center GIS/BIM Integration
3D Roadmap for GIS/BIM Intergration   Chris Andrews Senior Product Manager GIS/BIM Integration
Satellite Earth Observation as an Infrastructure Surveying Tool   Geraint Cooksley Head of Geo-Information Imagery for Transport
GIS in Transport Models, Turning Data into Information   John Nott Executive Transport Engineer Insights & Analytics in Public Transport
Insight for West Midlands Network Resilience   Stuart Lester Data Innovation Lead Insights & Analytics in Public Transport
Implementing new street naming, numbering and signage solutions with spatial analytics Presentation Oliver Russell GIS Manager/Principal Consultant Insights for Roadway Management
Aerial Inspections with Rijkswaterstaat Netherlands   Kirsten Culp Project Leader Mobile Applications
The ArcGIS Platform   Charles Kennelly Chief Technology Officer Plenary 1
Autodesk-Esri Alliance and Future of Location and Design   Karen Weiss / Chris Andrews Senior Industry Strategy Manager/ (Chris- Andrews-Esri, 3D Senior Product Manager) Plenary 2
Leveraging the SAP-Esri Alliance to Bring Powerful Insights to Enterprises   Iver van der Zand Global Head of Analytics SAP Plenary 2
Insights for ArcGIS   Linda Beale Product Engineer Plenary 3
Outside Party Slope Analysis   Stephen Brooks Senior Engineer Rail Infrastructure Asset Management
Complementing the ArcGIS Platform with Advanced Integration and Business Process Management   Dave Richards GIS Technical Lead Rail Infrastructure Asset Management
Achieving an Effective Visualization and Management of Linear Assets and Events   Vince Wruck Partner Manager, Europe/Middle-East/Africa, Latitude Geographics Group Ltd. Railway Enterprise GIS
Making the case: SocioEconomic Analysis for Transport Appraisal in Scotland Presentation Elspeth McIntyre GIS Analyst, Digital Solutions Stakeholder Engagement in Highway Asset Management
Intelligence and Performance Reporting using ArcGIS Online and the Operations Dashboard Tool   Saad Masood Tactical Analyst Stakeholder Engagement in Highway Asset Management
Using travel card data to improve public transport services Presentation Carsten Jensen Project Manager Insights & Analytics in Public Transport
Managing GIS data in HS2 Presentation John Tate GIS Spatial Data Manager Railway Enterprise GIS
Use-cases & Roadmap of ArcGIS for Aviation Presentation Jonathan Weaver Aviation Business Development Airport Asset Management
Esri Enterprise Route Management Presentation Rodney Conger Consultant Tools for Fleet Management
ArcGIS in Heavy Transport Evaluation Presentation Preben Larsen GIS & Data Specialist Tools for Fleet Management
Vehicle Management System incorporating Supply Chain algorithms and Real Time location Analysis with an Automatic Vehicle Location system Presentation Thanos Doganis Senior Consultant Tools for Fleet Management
ArcGIS in ECTS adaptation for the National Rail Infrastructure Manager of Denmark Presentation Preben Larsen GIS & Data Specialist Rail Infrastructure Asset Management
Improved Road Scheme planning with Highways England's Regional Programmes Map Presentation Graham Phipp Tactical Data Analyst Stakeholder Engagement in Highway Asset Management
Safe Guarding an 18th Century Network with Survey123 Presentation Richard Gowling GIS Manager Mobile Applications
Integrated Strategic Planning in Indonesia Presentation Dr Pascal Laumet Director EMEA Operations Road Asset Management
Infrastructure Asset Management in Bavaria Presentation Roland Degelmann Chief Digital Officer Road Asset Management
The Power of Playbook Presentation Fiona Clowes GIS Manager Road Asset Management
What's New and Exciting for Mobile Apps Presentation Ismael Chivite Senior Product Manager Plenary 3
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in ArcGIS Presentation Alberto Nieto GIS Solution Engineer Plenary 3
Keeping London Moving with Enterprise GIS Presentation Glynn Barton Transportation for London Plenary 1