2015 European User Conference Proceedings

The 2015 Esri European User Conference was held October 14–16, 2015 in Salzburg, Austria at the Salzburg Congress. The EUC is hosted by SynerGIS, Esri's official distributor in Austria. Esri users made a fundamental contribution to the conference by submitting and delivering presentations.

Note: If a user presentation is not listed, permission to publish was not granted.

Title Paper Author Session
GIS Solutions For Petroleum Core Business   Baqer Bahbahani Natural Resources
A national hydrographic network of Sweden   Erik Sissell Natural Resources
Act for nature-monitoring in protected areas with volunteers Presentation David Bröderbauer Natural Resources
Enabling a two-way flow of geological information with maps, apps and augmented reality Presentation Amelia Baptie Natural Resources
GeoLOG—geological mobile application   Wojtek Paciura Natural Resources
How Much Does Each Part of a Watershed Contribute Annually to Hydropower Production? Presentation Carlos Ribeiro Natural Resources
Implementation of integrated information system for monitoring fishing activity of fishing vessels for the needs of the Fisheries Monitoring Centre of the Greek Coast Guard Presentation Gergory Kontos Natural Resources
Sussex Coastal Habitats Inshore Pilot II: Marine Habitat & Bathymetry Modelling   Niall Burnside Natural Resources
The Esri view of the oil & gas/ nat. resources market   Lorien Innes Natural Resources
Value internet tool for catchment definition   Ismo Lahtinen Natural Resources
ZonalMetrics—a Python toolbox for calculating landscape metrics in user defined zones Presentation Dirk Tiede Natural Resources
High resolution DTMs: Experiences, challenges and examples from the municipality of Oslo   Micheala Ferbar Local Government
ESRI WebGIS for 30 Communities in the Melk region   Martin Leonhardsberger Local Government—the whole story of the Austrian Open Government Data basemap   Wolfgang Jörg Local Government
Asset inventories enriched with imagery on a municipal level   Samo Kumar Local Government
The Urban Mining Cadastre of the City of Graz   Anneliese Kapfenberger-Pock Local Government
Population Analysis over time using Space Time Cubes and Emerging Hot Spot Analysis in ArcGIS Pro   Rasmus Holm Jensen Local Government
Community Engagement Application GEO-BARRIO   Richard Resl Local Government
Envision Tomorrow—Land Use Planning Tool   Julia Reisemann Local Government
Data Expert High Voltage Lines and Cables   Saïda Mezgueldi Utilities
Enerjisa enterprice GIS   Melike Kazanç Aydogan Utilities
Simple creation of platform independent GI-WebApps with an easy to use API   Jürgen Gstaltmaier Utilities
Energy Smart Community, combining Complex system modeling, GIS and collaborative platform to better design Energy networksties   Laurent Schmitt Utilities
Agile development of an innovative renewables project for Scottish Power   John Hewitt Utilities
Tailoring network stability to local energy needs at EWE Netz GmbH Presentation Veronika Landers Utilities
Harnessing GIS & Imagery for Power Transmission Inspection Presentation Christopher Bley Utilities
GIS in mainstream IT @ Utilities: Two Use cases—SCADA Integration   Florian Brandi-Dohrn Utilities
SAP Integration at Viena Networks Presentation Eric Schmalen Utilities
Using AGOL to find parameters for Inflow model setup Presentation Trond Ottersland Utilities
Location intelligence meets business: GIS as an information system for business requests and customer analysis   Christopher Kogelnig Utilities / Telco
GIS, the New Fiber Design Tool of Choice   Michael Measels Utilities / Telco
3-GIS Live   Tom Counts Utilities / Telco
Rolling-out fiber-optic and HFC networks in competitive markets and importance of work order, workforce and workflow systems in next generation telecommunications   Leon Sagovac Utilities / Telco
Advanced LRS Methods as a part of the service-oriented management of the Bavarian road infrastructure   Kees van Loo, Roland Degelmann Transportation
Managing Road Infrastructure at ASFINAG by using GIS   Peter Aubrecht Transportation
Geospatial Convergence—GIS, BIM and Geomatics   Steven Eglinton Transportation
How to build scalable Internet of M2M things for resources, assets and vehicle fleet management, from In-house to Cloud and back Presentation Krunoslav Kedmenec Transportation
Mauritius (Route Optimization System)   Karel Mauric Transportation
Junction origin-destination analysis using high volume historical traffic   Maarten Clements Transportation
Using community input in revolutionary global map making   Maarten Clements Transportation
Maintaining ArcGIS Online Data Updates Automatically   Anders Tillegård Transportation
Interactive Network Assessment Tool: GIS-based Bicycle Safety Assessment Presentation Robin Wendel Transportation
FAA Airports GIS Adopts International Standards   Mike McNerney Transportation
A View of a Possible Future for National Security   Chris Dorman National Security
Exploring the importance of integrating GIS with satellite remote sensing and field spectrocopy for military and security applications in Cyprus Presentation George Melillos National Security
Detecting dangerous locations in the road network with jam tail warnings Presentation Maarten Clements National Security
U.S. Navy GeoReadiness IGI&S Enterprise Program in Europe, Africa, andSouthwest Asia   David Poynter National Security
ASTRID Geoportal for Belgian emergency services Presentation Thomas Löser National Security
Spatial Earthquake Hazard Potential Maps Using Different Base Data   Chang-Guk Sun National Security
Forecasting burglaries using near repeat victimization   Philip Glasner National Security
Managing ArcGIS for Server in an enterprise environment Presentation Sebastien Petit National Mapping
Interoperable Management of Air Quality Data with ArcGIS for Server Presentation Simon Jirka National Mapping
Integrating external processing capabilities in ArcGIS—the ArcGIS WPS Client Presentation Benjamin Proß National Mapping
Reconstruction of a nationwide 3D virtual model of the Netherlands Presentation Jan Bakermans National Mapping
The Geodata Warehouse of the Swiss Federal SDI Presentation Patrick Gamma National Mapping
A national hydrographic network of Sweden   Erik Sissell National Mapping
The European Location Framework (ELF)—Reference geo-information at your fingertips   Clemens Portele National Mapping
INSPIRE and Open Data—Recent Developments and Best Practices Presentation Michael Müller National Mapping
Development of a geoinformation system of the executive agency of the Bashkortostan Republic using service-oriented architecture   Olga Khristodulo National Mapping
Applications for GNSS-based Field Control Regarding to Agricultural Subsidies of the EU Presentation Dr. Klaus Brand National Mapping
Monitoring the performance of eye health services in the Sunderbans, India   Andy Tate Healthcare
A Study of Walkability Scores and the Prevalence of Obesity   Oliver Charlesworth Healthcare
Monitoring of Asbestos in a Selected Latvian Area: GIS based Risk Evaluation   Ashish Ku Sharma Healthcare
Geographical Analysis of Sexually Transmitted Diseases: A Space, Time, Age and Gender Encounter Presentation Denis Leroux Healthcare
Risk Management in Dynamic Supply Chains Presentation Kees van Loo Commercial
Real Estate Location Enabled Content Management   Tim Piazza Commercial
Location - Key to a successful Retail Strategy   Kai Ole Rogge Commercial
Location intelligence meets business: GIS as an information system for business requests and customer analysis   Christopher Kogelnig Commercial
Combining Location Information with Key performance analysis tools   Astrid Vetter, Olivia Sedant Commercial
Using real-time traffic isochrones to determine optimal site locations Presentation Maarten Clements Commercial
Proving and Increasing the Value of Spatial Web Services Presentation Kristian Jaakkola Commercial
3 Words to Address the World Presentation Giles Rhys Jones Commercial
Allow your data to tell a story with 3D web solutions   Grete Soosalu, Sander Schaminée Commercial
Big Data and GIS in Commercial Markets Presentation Attila Olah Commercial
Lidar—Waveform Technology, Pointclouds & Attributes   Christian Sevcik Partner
Time Series Analysis with SAR & Optical Satellite Data Presentation Dr. Thomas Bahr Partner
1Integrate for ArcGIS: Smarter Data, Smarter World Presentation Bob Chell Partner
Fair shopping: An Online-Map from School for Public   Micheala Lindner-Fally Education
The Three-Dimensional Model of AGH University Campus   Michal Lupa Education
Research (ongoing) in Using Gamification and Concept Mapping for Collaborative Distance Learning of BIM/CIM   Toni Fisher Education
ArcGIS solutions for language variation: the challenge of mapping prosody in European Portuguese   Pedro Oliveira Education
The Use of WebOffice as tool for Science and Education   Karl Reiter Education
WEB-SEMANTICS ArcGIS   Oleksandr Stryzhak Education
Minor programs in the Geospatial Domain - referencing the Body ofKnowledge   Adriana Car Education
Seismic design and hazard assessment in urban planning   Leonardo Giannini Education
The possibility of use the data from ISOK in an attempt to verify and update of some elements in cadastral databases   Katarzyna Andrzejczak Education
App for exploring, mapping and observing stork habitats   Mariana Belgiu, Fritz Zobl Education
Collaboritive Education Using GIS   Raphael Heath Education