Iain McKay, Alan Donaldson and David Stewart

Use the Correct Tools for the JOB!!!

Glasgow City Council Property Services Department has inherited several property information systems and database applications from Glasgow District Council and Strathclyde Regional Council as a result of the recent reorganisation of local government in Scotland.

This paper describes how the department intends to further develop a Property Information System using GIS to hold and maintain graphic and RDBMS to hold and maintain textual data.

An explanation is given of the way in which data in graphical and textual databases are joined and methods for viewing and analysing the data, such as ArcView 2.1 are described. Also, issues arising such as hardware, software, database design, application development and data are examined, with some of the associated problems identified.

In conclusion some of the lessons learnt and observations made in the process of developing such a system are discussed.

Iain McKay, Alan Donaldson and David Stewart
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