Andrew Glen

Oracle and the Internet

Oracle has been involved in the Internet since building its own world-wide Intranet in 1989. We built it, we operate it, we evolve it to adapt to changing technology as well as our business needs as we have grown to a multi-billion dollar corporation. We feel the pain of applying technology to the real world. We understand the problems. We have had to find many solutions to using Internet technology in a way that makes business sense.

Today we have hundreds of Web servers in our world-wide Intranet as well as our corporate Web site at http:/

We operate parts of our business over the Internet. You can, for example, buy Oracle products, take delivery over the Internet, and even obtain technical support and update on-line. Internally we have made our corporate mechanisms Wed-enabled, with our core business databases now accessed through the Web. For example, our Corporate Repository contains all kinds of data and provides our employees with world-wide access to business information

With the Oracle WebSystem, Oracle has brought the proven capabilities of Oracle7 database technology to the Internet. The WebSysytem products will enable companies to create real-time Web applications that can reliably manage high volumes of online, dynamic data. Oracle Internet solutions feature Wed-enabled Oracle Universal Server, collaborative services, document management, data warehousing and Oracle Applications.

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