2018 Esri Federal GIS Conference Proceedings

The Esri Federal GIS Conference 2018 Proceedings is a compilation of professional papers regarding a diverse collection of GIS applications. The conference was held March 20-21, 2018 in Washington D.C.

Title Presentation Presenters Session
3D Analysis Tools and Visualization with ArcGIS   Brady Hoak 3D GIS
3D GIS for Local Government Planning Applications   Patrick Gahagan State and Local
3D Visualizations in ArcGIS Pro Presentation Tom Oaks 3D GIS
A GIS Platform Approach for Command and Control Presentation Kerry Robinson, John Fry Defense & Intelligence
An Introduction to ArcGIS Arcade Presentation Tyson Quink Creating and Managing GIS Data
An Overview of 3D in the ArcGIS Platform   Chris Andrews, Darron Pustam 3D GIS
Analyzing Multidimensional Scientific Data in ArcGIS Presentation Sudhir Shrestha, Aaron Friesz, Robert Quenzer Performing Analysis
Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) and ArcGIS Presentation Darron Pustam, Craig Cleveland, Verne LaClair Industry Trends
App Configuration, Customization or Development Presentation Jesse Smith, Taylor Teske, Bo Williams, Alex Porteous ArcGIS Apps
Applications of GIS Software for Activity Based Intelligence Presentation Ken Mitchell, Ben Conklin Defense & Intelligence
Applications of GIS to Cybersecurity Presentation Brian Biesecker, Ken Mitchell Industry Trends
Applying Spatial Analysis to Redistricting Presentation Anthony Puzzo, Matt Viverito Industry Trends
AppStudio for ArcGIS: An Introduction   Chris LeSueur, Erwin Soekianto ArcGIS Apps
ArcGIS API for JavaScript: Building Web Apps   Andy Gup Developer
ArcGIS API for Python: Scripting Your Web GIS Presentation Alberto Nieto, Andrew Barrows Web GIS: Enterprise
ArcGIS Data Reviewer: Ensuring Accurate and Complete Data to Meet Your Mission   Amber Bethell, John Grammer Creating and Managing GIS Data
ArcGIS Earth, Web 3D, and KML Support: An Introduction and Road Map   Darron Pustam, Isaac Zaworski 3D GIS
ArcGIS Enterprise Security: An Introduction Presentation Randall Williams Web GIS: Enterprise
ArcGIS Enterprise: What's New Presentation Craig Cleveland, Bill Major Web GIS: Enterprise
ArcGIS Enterprise: Administering Your ArcGIS Enterprise Portal Presentation Craig Cleveland, Bill Major Web GIS: Enterprise
ArcGIS Enterprise: An Introduction   Shannon Kalisky,Hilary Curtis Web GIS: Enterprise
ArcGIS Enterprise: Architecting Your Deployment   Sam Libby, Fernando Salas Web GIS: Enterprise
ArcGIS Enterprise: Performance and Scalability Best Practices Presentation Darren Baird Web GIS: Enterprise
ArcGIS Extensions: Tools for Improving Topographic Data and Map Production   Amber Bethell, John Grammer Creating and Managing GIS Data
ArcGIS for Emergency Management: An Overview   Rob Feuerstein Public Safety
ArcGIS for Local Government Solutions: An Overview Presentation Rachel Weeden, Jim Cannistra, Mike Shean State and Local
ArcGIS for State Government Solutions: An Overview   Matt Viverito, Seth Van Aken, Patrick McLoughlin, Matthew Sokol State and Local
ArcGIS Full Motion Video Presentation John Fry, Dave Bernstein Imagery
ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server: An Introduction Presentation Noah Slocum Real-Time and Big Data
ArcGIS GeoEvent Server: An Introduction   Josh Joyner, RJ Sunderman Real-Time and Big Data
ArcGIS GeoEvent Server: Applying Real-Time Analytics Presentation RJ Sunderman, Ken Gorton Real-Time and Big Data
ArcGIS GeoEvent Server: Configuring Real-Time Web Apps Presentation Ken Gorton, Josh Joyner Real-Time and Big Data
ArcGIS Hub: Fostering Community Engagement with Initiatives and Data Presentation Graham Hudgins Web GIS: Online
ArcGIS Indoors: An Introduction   Nitin Bajaj, Pat Wallis Mapping
ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud: An Introduction Presentation Clint Loveman ArcGIS Apps
ArcGIS Maps for Microsoft Office: An Introduction Presentation Mike Flanagan, Scott Ball ArcGIS Apps
ArcGIS Maps for Sharepoint: An Introduction Presentation Patrick O'Brien, Scott Ball ArcGIS Apps
ArcGIS Monitor: An Introduction   Andrew Sakowicz Web GIS: Enterprise
ArcGIS Online Steps For Success: A Best Practices Approach   Kyle Talbot, Eric Aiello Web GIS: Online
ArcGIS Online: Administering Members in Your Organization Presentation Allison Rost Web GIS: Online
ArcGIS Online: Best Practices for High-Demand Maps Presentation Bonnie Stayer, Kelly Gerrow Web GIS: Online
ArcGIS Online: Data Exploration with Smart Mapping Presentation Sarah Schwoppe Web GIS: Online
ArcGIS Online: Implementing an Open Data Strategy Presentation Graham Hudgins Web GIS: Online
ArcGIS Pro Configured for the Intelligence Analyst Presentation Natalie Feuerstein, Dan Barnes, Joe Bayles Defense & Intelligence
ArcGIS Pro Editing: An Introduction   Kyle Talbot, Rebecca Carper Creating and Managing GIS Data
ArcGIS Pro: An Introduction to a Modern Desktop GIS   Matthew Woodlief, Michael Blair Mapping
ArcGIS Pro: Analysis and Geoprocessing - An Introduction Presentation Nick Giner Performing Analysis
ArcGIS Pro: Creating Vector Tiles Presentation Juhan Yoon Mapping
ArcGIS Pro: Effective License Management Presentation Rob Elkins Mapping
ArcGIS Pro: Mapping and Visualization   Kenneth Mitchell Mapping
ArcGIS Pro: Tips & Tricks   James Sill, Jason Duke Mapping
ArcGIS Pro: Transition from ArcMap with Confidence Presentation Matthew Woodlief, Jon Breece Mapping
ArcGIS Pro: Working with Temporal Data   James Jones Mapping
ArcGIS Runtime: Building Native Apps for Multiple Platforms   Eric Bader Developer
ArcGIS Workflow Manager: Effectively Managing Workflows within ArcGIS Enterprise Presentation Bryan Piersol, Elizabeth Wilcox, Ronnie Buzzard Creating and Managing GIS Data
Architecture Best Practices Presentation Witt Mathot Implementing ArcGIS
ArcMap: Tips and Tricks   Tosia Shall Mapping
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applied in GIS Presentation Lauren Bennett, Marjean Pobuda Performing Analysis
Authoring Content for a Modern GIS   Shannon Kalisky Web GIS: Enterprise
Automated Feature Extraction in ArcGIS from Imagery and Lidar Presentation Kurt Schwoppe, Mark Romero, Greg Bacon Imagery
Automation to Transformation, Modernizing Mapping & Geospatial Authorities   Mark Cygan, Kari Craun Industry Trends
Best Practices for Disaster Response: Lessons Learned from Past Events   Ryan Lanclos, Jeff Baranyi, Brian Lantz, Christopher Vaughan Industry Trends
BIM-GIS Integration for ArcGIS Presentation Chris Andrews, Don Kuehne 3D GIS
Caching Maps and Vector Tile Layers: Best Practices   Tommy Fauvell Web GIS: Enterprise
CityEngine: An Introduction   Brady Hoak 3D GIS
Collector for ArcGIS: An Introduction   Chris LeSueur, James Tedrick ArcGIS Apps
Creating Geoprocessing Services and Web Tools Presentation Darren Baird Performing Analysis
Creating Great Content for your Web GIS Presentation Owen Evans Mapping
Creating Great Print and Web Maps Presentation Billie Leff Mapping
Creating Voting District Submissions for the Census Redistricting Data Program   Catherine Burton Industry Trends
Data Science Made Easy in ArcGIS Using Python and R   Brett Rose Performing Analysis
Defense Solutions: Tactical Operations Centers Presentation Lyle Wright, Derek Foll Defense & Intelligence
Defense Solutions: Military Tools for ArcGIS an Overview Presentation Lyle Wright, Derek Foll Defense & Intelligence
Deploying and Using ArcGIS Enterprise in the Cloud Presentation Bill Major Web GIS: Enterprise
Deploying ArcGIS Solutions Maps and Apps Presentation Matt Viverito, Elliot Plack State and Local
Distributed Collaboration with ArcGIS Enterprise   Hilary Curtis Web GIS: Enterprise
Driving Change in Federal Government through Collaboration   Corianne Eldridge, Jessica Sweet, Caleb Holt Young Professional Network
Driving GIS Adoption through Organizational Change Management Presentation David Schneider, Jennifer Vaughan-Gibson Implementing ArcGIS
Enterprise GIS - Designing, Testing & Monitoring   Andrew Sakowicz, Martin Hamann Implementing ArcGIS
Esri Best Practices: Implementing and Configuring the ArcGIS Platform Presentation Matt Marino, Jesse Smith Implementing ArcGIS
Esri Defense Mapping: Topographic Production & Cartography   John Grammer, Clint Loveman Defense & Intelligence
Evolving the GIS Professional: Modernizing Intelligence Production in ArcGIS   Renee Bernstein, Wendy Creighton Defense & Intelligence
Explorer for ArcGIS: A New App - An Introduction Presentation Chris LeSueur, Scott Ball ArcGIS Apps
Finding Hot Spots using ArcGIS Online - Minimizing the Subjectivity of Visual Analysis Presentation Nick Giner, Parrish S. Henderson Performing Analysis
Fraud, Waste and Abuse   Lisa Connelly, Patrick O'Brien, Juhan Yoon, Erin Grimm, Harsh Prakash Industry Trends
From Means and Medians to Machine Learning: Spatial Statistics Basics and Innovations Presentation Flora Vale, Lauren Bennett Performing Analysis
Geocoding with ArcGIS Presentation Tosia Shall Performing Analysis
Geodatabase Administration: An Introduction   James Jones Creating and Managing GIS Data
Geodatabase: An Introduction Presentation Robert LeClair Creating and Managing GIS Data
Geodatabase: Best Practices Presentation Robert LeClair Creating and Managing GIS Data
GeoPlanner for ArcGIS: Use in Green Infrastructure Planning and Beyond   Ryan Perkl,Greg Brunner, Charlie Mix ArcGIS Apps
Geospatial Standards Support in ArcGIS Presentation Marten Hogeweg, Satish Sankaran Implementing ArcGIS
Getting the Most out of ArcGIS Configurable Web Apps   Jim Bauer Web GIS: Online
GIS Applications to Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection Presentation Brian Biesecker, Shane Cherry, Paul Geraci Industry Trends
GIS for Elected Officials   Lauren Lipovic, Bonnie Stayer, Romel Nicholas, Zach Lewis, Annie Hoefler, Chance Costello Industry Trends
GIS for Sustainable Development Presentation Brendan O'Neill, Salim Sawaya Industry Trends
GIS in a Disconnected, Intermittent, Limited-Bandwidth (DIL) Environment Presentation Scott Cecilio, Wendy Creighton Defense & Intelligence
High Availability and Disaster Recovery for ArcGIS Enterprise Presentation Witt Mathot Web GIS: Enterprise
Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level Data (HIFLD) Community Update   Bill McGilvery Public Safety
How Esri Is Improving Technical Support for Federal Customers   Kyle Lisboa and Jeff Colburn Implementing ArcGIS
How to Collect and Manage Requirements for Successful GIS Projects Presentation Jennifer Prather, Betsy Leis Implementing ArcGIS
How to Plan and Execute a Cloud-Based GIS Strategy with Esri Managed Cloud Services   Alec Walker Implementing ArcGIS
I3S and WebGL Globes: 3D GIS on the Web   Chris Andrews 3D GIS
Image Server: Raster Analytics   James Sill, Charles Perry Imagery
Imagery in ArcGIS Pro and the New ArcGIS Image Analyst Extension   Mark Romero Imagery
Implementing a Drone Program with ArcGIS Presentation Kurt Schwoppe, Mark Romero, Drew Fioranelli Imagery
Improve Policies with Demographic Analysis and Reporting Presentation Allison Rost, Praveen Srivastava ArcGIS Apps
Improving Safety and Security of Installations   Jim Bauer, Ben Conklin Defense & Intelligence
Insights for ArcGIS: Advanced Topics   Art Haddad, Linda Beale Performing Analysis
Insights for ArcGIS: An Introduction   Art Haddad, Linda Beale Performing Analysis
Lessons Learned for Collaborative Government Portals   Ben Conklin, Tracy Toutant, Jessica Sweet, Jim Long Industry Trends
Leverage Web GIS to Amplify Your Health and Human Services Capabilities   Este Geraghty, Tanya Bigos Industry Trends
Living Atlas: Community GIS of the World   Sean Breyer, Keith VanGraafeiland, Michael Blair Living Atlas
Managing and Sharing Imagery in ArcGIS Presentation Kristen Hocutt, Charlene Sylvester, Gerry Kinn, Mark Romero Imagery
Metadata for Supporting Spatial Data on the Web Presentation Marten Hogeweg, Satish Sankaran, Yuanjie Li Implementing ArcGIS
ModelBuilder: Tips and Tricks   Kristen Hocutt, Sandi Belson, Carmella Burdi Performing Analysis
Network Analyst: An Introduction Presentation Mike Rhoades, Georg Polzer Performing Analysis
Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS: A Reintroduction Presentation Andrew King, Rick Vera ArcGIS Apps
Patterns in Conservation GIS: From Data to Decisions   Lori Pelech, Adam Pfister Industry Trends
Planning and Designing Great Print and Web Maps Presentation Billie Leff Mapping
Proven Steps to Get the Most from Your GIS Investment Presentation Paul Burgess, Christie Pleiss, Dario Lunardi Implementing ArcGIS
Python: An Introduction Presentation Brittney White Performing Analysis
Python: Beyond the Basics Presentation Brittney White, Jordan Douthitt Performing Analysis
Python: Building Geoprocessing Tools Presentation Mike Rhoades, Madeline Jones Performing Analysis
Scientific and Multidimensional Raster Support in ArcGIS Presentation Sudhir Shrestha Imagery
Real-Time & Big Data GIS: The Road Ahead Presentation Suzanne Foss Real-Time and Big Data
Real-Time & Big Data: Leveraging the Spatiotemporal Big Data Store Presentation Suzanne Foss, Josh Joyner Real-Time and Big Data
Real-Time GIS: Best Practices Presentation Suzanne Foss, Josh Joyner Real-Time and Big Data
Regression Analysis Concepts for Modeling Spatial Relationships Presentation Flora Vale Performing Analysis
Selecting the Perfect Basemap Presentation John Nelson, William Shuart Living Atlas
Spatial Analysis Deployed for the Desktop, Mobile Devices, and the Web   Brett Rose Performing Analysis
Spatial Analytic Thinking Presentation Nick Wiegand Performing Analysis
Spatial Data Mining I - Essentials of Cluster Analysis Presentation Flora Vale Performing Analysis
Spatial Data Mining II - A Deep Dive Into Space-Time Analysis Presentation Flora Vale Performing Analysis
Story Maps: Great Story Maps and How to Emulate Them Presentation Allen Carroll, Justin Fritscher Mapping
Story Maps: How to Tell Your Story with Esri Story Maps Presentation Allen Carroll, Stephanie Stillo Mapping
Survey123 for ArcGIS: An Introduction Presentation James Tedrick ArcGIS Apps
Taking Flight with GIS: Modernizing the Air Traffic System with Web GIS Presentation Jonathan Weaver Industry Trends
The Manager's Guide to Strategic Workforce Development Presentation Paul Holcombe, Charles Jones Implementing ArcGIS
The Value of Certification Presentation Renee Bernstein, Monique Yates Young Professional Network
Transformational Small Business Implementations   Heather Whitney Industry Trends
Upgrading and Modernizing Your ArcGIS Deployment Presentation Matt Marino, Brian Jones Implementing ArcGIS
Using GIS to Create a Smart Installation   Andrew King, Ben Conklin, Steve Currie Defense & Intelligence
Using the ArcGIS Platform to Enhance Safety and Security Situational Awareness in Hazardous Environments   Chuck Conley, Adam Pfister, Jan Rapp Industry Trends
Using the Living Atlas of the World for Analysis Presentation Mike Flanagan Living Atlas
Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS: An Introduction   Renee Bernstein, Captain Michael Brady ArcGIS Apps
Web GIS: Architectural Patterns and Practices Presentation Bill Major, Shannon Kalisky Web GIS: Enterprise
Web-Based Editing in ArcGIS Presentation Sarah Schwoppe Creating and Managing GIS Data
Welcome and Orientation for First-Time Attendees   Corianne Eldridge, Scott Ward Industries and Communities
What Are Web Services and What's New   Patrick O'Brien, Karen Volarich Web GIS: Online
What Makes a Successful GIS Project Implementation Presentation Gerry Clancy, Jennifer Vaughan-Gibson Implementing ArcGIS
What You Need To Know To Deploy a FedRAMP Compliant ArcGIS Enterprise in the Public Cloud   Ryan Kelly, Alec Walker, Rachael Johns Reichmann Implementing ArcGIS
Workforce for ArcGIS: An Introduction Presentation Chris LeSueur, James Tedrick ArcGIS Apps
YPN Luncheon and Keynote: Excellence in Visual Storytelling   Corianne Eldridge, Kaitlin Yarnell Young Professional Network
Special Interest Group Meeting—National Boundaries Group Presentation U.S. Geological Survey Special Interest Group Meeting