2012 Esri Forestry GIS Conference Proceedings

The 2012 Forestry GIS Conference Proceedings is a compilation of professional abstracts and presentations delivered in Redlands, CA. Esri users played a fundamental role in the conference by presenting information on a diverse collection of GIS applications.

Title Presentation Author Session
 Welcome Video Jack Dangermond Plenary
 Welcome and Opening Remarks Video Mark Books Plenary
A Practical Introduction to Lidar and Forestry Presentation Ron Behrendt Paper Session
Carbon Opportunities: One TIMO's perspective Presentation
Kaarsten Turner Dalby Plenary
Optimized Sales & Operational Planning: A Global View Presentation
Doug Jones Lightning Talk and Forest Operation Activities Presentation
Elizabeth Martinez Lightning Talk
Integral in Forestry: Esri, Cengea, and the Web Presentation Nathan Strand Paper Session
Tools to Understand the Spatial Wood Fiber Supply-and-Demand Economics in New Brunswick's Forest Sector Presentation
Chris Ward Plenary
A Practical Guide to Preparing, Loading, Managing, and Hosting Imagery Presentation Duane Anderson Paper Session
Replication to Create and Maintain a Centralized Data Warehouse Presentation
Duane Anderson Lightning Talk
Map Analysis and Modeling in Forestry's Future Presentation
Joseph K. Berry Plenary
Enhancing Forest Inventories Using Lidar and GIS Presentation Dr. Kevin Lim Chad St.Amand Paper Session
Optimization of Forestry Logistics Presentation
Kees van Loo Plenary
Forest Carbon Opportunities Part II: the Finite Carbon Sifting Extension! Presentation
Tim McAbee Plenary
Handle Anything You Might Encounter in the Field Presentation
Derrick Reish Lightning Talk
Mi-Forest® : Management System Presentation Niva Vilela Paper Session
A Desktop Cable Harvest Planning Solution for Harvest Planners in Steep Forests of New Zealand Presentation
Philip Elworthy Plenary
Using GIS to Minimize the Effects of Climate Change: Supporting Tree Species Selection with Climate Data Presentation Arnaldo Ferreira Paper Session
Geospatial Enterprise Suite Presentation
Markus Hoffmann Lightning Talk
Achieving Faster, More Accurate and Equitable Division of Trust Lands Presentation
Mark Milligan Plenary
Going Beyond Data Collection Presentation
Mark Milligan Lightning Talk
Web Based Timber Supply Forecasting Presentation Sarah O'Rourke Anita Nemesova Samuel Lekwadi Avril Whelan Mairtin Mac Siurtain Paper Session
Quantifying Geospatial Constraints on Private Sector Timber Supply Forecasting with Model Builder Presentation Anita Nemesova Avril Whelan Mairtin Mac Siurtain Paper Session
Improving Operational Planning Using Lidar and GIS Presentation
Chad St.Amand Plenary
Automating Project Map Creation Presentation
Pete Bromley Lightning Talk
Ensuring the Success of Rayonier's Land Management System Presentation Joy Kent Paper Session
ArcGIS Forestry Data Model 2.0 Presentation
Leslie-Ann De Leon Plenary
The Implications of Flow-Path Buffer Metrics on Harvested Watersheds Presentation Toomas Parratt Paper Session
Improving Forestry Management with Appropriate Processes and Tools Presentation
Niva Vilela Lightning Talk
Developing a Forestry Enterprise GIS Data Management System Presentation Jesse Adams Paper Session
Mississippi Wildfire and Incident Tracking System Presentation Van Crump Rebecca Seago-Coyle Paper Session
Using GIS in Private-Land Forest Restoration Presentation Marc Guidry Tim Holschbach Paper Session
Task Systems - Canfor Presentation
Nathan Strand Lightning Talk
3D Forest Inventory Mapping (directly) in ArcMap Presentation Patrick Wong Paper Session
Airborne Lidar Technology: A 3D Puzzle Presentation
Ron Behrendt Lightning Talk
The Connected Forest: Field Solutions Presentation
Rich Hilliker Lightning Talk
SpatialLABSTM Presentation Mike Livingston Lightning Talk
New Age Forestry Inventory Mapping Presentation
Patrick Wong Lightning Talk
Esri Forestry Group: A Vision for Supporting the Forestry Community Presentation Mark Books Lightning Talk
Forest Information Systems and Enterprise GIS Integration Presentation
Daniel Melej Lightning Talk
The Connected Forest: Cengea Enterprise Solutions Presentation
Michele Wallcraft Lightning Talk
Imagery for Forestry Applications Presentation
Rebecca Lasica Lightning Talk
Field Data: What can I do with it now that I have it? Presentation
Glenn Vlass Lightning Talk
Web Editing in ArcGIS Server Presentation Esri Plenary
Strategic Clarity for SAF Presentation
Michael Goergen Plenary
Esri PCI MDA Rapideye Joint Imagery Grant Program Presentation Kevin Jones Lightning Talk
The Natural Resources Information Life Cycle: Serving the USDA Forest Service Presentation
Bo Wilmer Lightning Talk
Assessing Risk of Disease Transmission Between Native Bighorn and Domestic Sheep on Forest Service Lands Presentation Bo Wilmer Josh O'Brien Clint McCarthy Sanford Moss Chans O'Brien Joe Brentin Steve Savage Stephan Orehovek Paper Session
A Geospatial Approach for Managing Public Lands in the Face of Climate Change Presentation Bo Wilmer Paper Session
Forests Are The Sustainable Solution Presentation
Ray Risco Keynote
Geo +Mobile Video Dave Bouwman Demo
Integrating Geo-Web Apps into Wildland Fire Management Agencies Video David Buckley Demo