2016 Esri GeoConX Conference

The Esri GeoConX Conference is the combination of the Electric and Gas User Group (EGUG) and Telecommunications User Group (TelUG). This event allows attendees to share their successes across industries, meet industry partners, and build their professional networks.

Note: If a user presentation is not listed, permission to publish was not granted.

Title Presentation Author Session
Improving Situational Awareness of PJM's Electric Grid with Geospatial Technologies   Edward Kovler Operational Intelligence
Field Inspections Using ArcGIS Online -One Year Later   Zachary Petix, Kevin Hagan Operational Intelligence
Enabling the Future with ArcGIS and Maximo at Duke Energy Presentation Paul Giers, Theo Pozzy Operational Intelligence
Using GIS to Manage Utility Maintenance   Kurt Towler Operational Intelligence
Keeping Underground Faults on Your Radar   Tiffany Turo Operational Intelligence
Mobile Inspection Solutions at the Salt River Project Presentation Mark Ledbetter Operational Intelligence
Avangrid Captures Gas Plastic Fusion Welds Using Collector for ArcGIS to Meet Public Service Commission Regulation Presentation Carrie Bernard Managing Utility Assets
MTEMC's State 0 Changes with 1700+ Versions Intact   An-Louise De Klerk Managing Utility Assets
Westar Energy Designer Implementation -An Alternative Approach to Mitigate Versioning Complexities   Jeremie Minge, Paul Snook Managing Utility Assets
Assuring Connectivity in an Electric Utility GIS Distribution Model   Matthew Coram Managing Utility Assets
Rule-Driven, Fully-Configurable Asset Tracking with GIS Presentation Arnisa Davi, Joaquin Madrid Managing Utility Assets
Enterprise Asset Management and GIS Integration   Sean Hawley Managing Utility Assets
Doing the Impossible: Upgrading to the Latest Esri Technology from Smallworld Presentation Wayne Meyer Managing Utility Assets
Utility of the Future: Establishing a System of Engagement through New Asset and Design Life Cycles   Matt Crooks Managing Utility Assets
Preposting and Partial Energization Presentation James Stevens, Joaquin Madrid Managing Utility Assets
Throw Out Those Scheduled Outage Door Hangers! Presentation Dax Wolfinger Communication with Customer
Connecting through the OMS Presentation Mike Young, Jeff Mertz Communication with Customer
EWE in Germany Uses Apps to Analyze Impact of Prosumers Presentation Thomas Kindervater, Gerald Kreuwel Communication with Customer
Leveraging Web-GIS to Automate and Streamline Natural Gas Availability Requests Presentation Wayne Meyer, Sahadeb De Communication with Customer
A Better Way to Plan and Coordinate Transmission Outages Presentation Tim Shiffer, Craig Pritt Communication with Customer
Creating New Channels for Outage Reporting Presentation Hart Gilchrist, Jeff Mertz Communication with Customer
Social Maps- Connecting to the Utility Customer of 2016   Zac Canders Communication with Customer
Reimagining Mobile Implementations at Utilities   Jill Bricker PG&E
Using GIS for Complex Structural Engineering Analyses - Pole Loading   John Birch, Alasdair McClay PG&E
The Digital Utility Gas Compliance Manager/ Managing Gas Pressure Systems in ArcGIS   Tom Helmer PG&E
Traceability for Materials, Joints, OQ, and Pressure Tests   Alicia Farag PG&E
Underground Facilities Management (UFM) for Downtown San Francisco   Robert Smith PG&E
GIS to Schematics   Peter Zimmerman PG&E
Expanding the Power of GIS across Your Organization   Matthew Crooks Modern GIS
The Secret to Utility GIS Success   Jason Drost Modern GIS
Innovation in an Electric Utility: GIS as Utility Core Presentation Trey Price Modern GIS
Using Geoprocessing to Automate Right-ofWay Delineation   Brian Colson Modern GIS
Enabling Your Business with Utility-Scale Mobile GIS Presentation Chris McClain, Jon Fairchild Modern GIS
New Web Experience for Utility GIS Users   Renato Salvaleon Modern GIS
The Road to Runtime   Mark Cederholm Modern GIS
Integrating Esri Maps into a Microsoft SharePoint Utility Dashboard Presentation Fred Christie IT/OT
Leveraging Enterprise GIS to Support ADMS Presentation Parag Parikh IT/OT
Geospatial Data Readiness to Support Integration at Consumers Energy   Brock Lahmeyer IT/OT
Electric GIS Integration at Colorado River Agency Electric Services Branch   Thomas Whitehouse IT/OT
Is My GIS Ready? Presentation Chris Rix, Brittany Wall IT/OT
Electric Load Forecasting and Resource Planning   Ramiro Ramos Analytics
Leveraging Raster Analyses to Prioritize Pole Inspections   Josh Schwartz Analytics
Taking It Home Transformer Analysis within Your GIS   Hart Gilchrist, Len Jewell Analytics
Overhead Electric Transmission Line Routing Methodology Using Esri Products   James Pierce Analytics
Update of Southern Company UAS Program Presentation Paul Schneider, Renato Salvaleon Drones
Taking Drones Operational: The Challenges and the Payoffs   Ron Behrendt Drones
Esri GIS for Transforming Deeds for Effective ROW Management Presentation Melissa Mayo, Narendra Kumar Gadde Regulatory
Spatial Management of Compliance Gas Main Renewals Presentation Phil Harris Regulatory
Calculating ROI for "Call 811 Before You Dig" Automation Using Mobile GIS Presentation Christian Hernandez Regulatory
Paperless As-Builting with Tracking and Traceability   Nick Fordes Regulatory
Field Inspections Using ArcGIS Online-One Year Later   Kevin Hagan, Zac Petix TelUG
Migrating your HFC Network from CAD to GIS Presentation Derek Rickmann TelUG
Mobilize Your Enterprise with Maps! Cases of Success in Telecommunications Presentation Jay Anderson, Tommy Siniard TelUG
GIS in Broadband (FTTx) Presentation Jeff Kuenne, Michael Measels TelUG
Enterprise Asset Management and GIS Integration Presentation Sean Hawley, Sean Graebner TelUG
BART Pushes Fiber Network throughout Their Organization Using GIS & the Web   Clayton Statham TelUG
Automated and Cost-Optimized Strategic Fiber Planning with the ArcGIS Platform Presentation Christoph Zonsius TelUG
GIS to Schematics   Peter Zimmermann, Robert Smith TelUG
The Integration of ArcGIS Online Services Across an Entire Utility   Jennifer McMillan TelUG
The Road to Runtime   Mark Cederholm TelUG
Improving Fiber Asset Location Efficiency Using Collector for ArcGIS Presentation Brian Nemec, Glenn Farrow TelUG
Field Inspection for GO 95, 128, & 174 Presentation Ramiro Ramos Regulatory
Overview of Using Esri Products at HTC Presentation Edward Gause TelUG
Improving GIS Data Quality to Support Integration at Consumers Energy Presentation Brock Lahmeyer, Tim Marquardt IT/OT