2014 Esri Geodesign Summit Proceedings

The 2014 Geodesign Summit Proceedings is a compilation of professional abstracts and presentations delivered in Redlands, CA on January 29-30, 2014. Esri users played a fundamental role in the conference by presenting information about using geospatial technologies to arrive at the best and most sustainable design solutions.

Title Presentation Author Session
Is it design? How geodesign compares with other design theories Presentation
Kelleann Foster Lightning Talk
A Geodesign Framework for Illegal Developments in Latin American Cities Presentation
Rosario Giusti de Perez Lightning Talk
Anticipating Surprise: Better To Be Approximately Right Than Exactly Wrong Presentation
Bart Johnson Lightning Talk
Now Under Construction: A Stairway to the Geodesign Cloud Presentation
Doug Walker Lightning Talk
Participatory GeoDesign Presentation Richard Kingston Lightning Talk
Comparing and Communicating Wastewater Treatment Scenarios with Geodesign Presentation
Phil Detjens Lightning Talk
Re-designing for Climate Change Presentation
Indrani Ghosh and Christina Perez Lightning Talk
Conservation Planning and Geodesign: Coupling Connectivity Models and 3-D Design Presentation
Ryan Perkl Lightning Talk
Reimagining the Chattahoohee River with Geodesign Presentation
Alfred Vick and Alison Smith Bramlet Lightning Talk
How People Move, Bike-shed / Pedestrian-shed Analysis for Active Transportation. Presentation
John Tangenberg Lightning Talk
Scenario Planning with GIS - A Tale of Two Cities Presentation
Ming-Chun Lee Lightning Talk
A/B Testing for Urban Planning using Urbanflow Engine Presentation
Hrishikesh Ballal Lightning Talk
High Res Oblique Imagery for Realistic 3D Modeling Presentation
Peter White Lightning Talk
Participatory urban planning: Towards 3D Web-based Solutions. Video Antje Kunze and Jan Halatsch Lightning Talk
Engaged Geodesign in the Forgotten Quarter of Pennsylvania Presentation
Brian Orland and Timothy Murtha Lightning Talk
Informal Networks: Mapping Homeless Spatial Patterns Video Alison Smith Bramlet and Douglas Pardue Lightning Talk
Geodesign for the City Region: Multiple Scales - Multiple Approaches Presentation
Doug Olsen Featured Speaker
Geodesign in Professional Practice: Methods & Directions Video Michael Flaxsman Featured Speaker
The Risk Business: Thriving in a Rapidly Changing World Presentation
Paul Ross Featured Speaker
A Framework for Geodesign Video Carl Steinitz Pre-Conference Seminar
 Welcome and Opening Remarks Video Tom Fisher, Jack Dangermond Welcome
Keynote Speaker Presentation
Kongjian Yu Keynote Speaker
Featured Speaker Video David Early Featured Speaker
Featured Speaker Video Will Rogers Featured Speaker
Esri - ArcGIS Online and the Landscape Planner Video Bern Szukalski Technical Workshop
Featured Speakers Video Chris Markuson Featured Speaker
Esri - 3D Cities Video Eric Wittner Technical Workshop
Featured Speaker Video Janine Benyus Featured Speaker
Featured Speaker Video Keith Bessurud Featured Speaker
Featured Speaker Video Donald Monti Featured Speaker
Closing Session Video Tom Fisher, Jack Dangermond Closing
On the Road with Collaborative GeoDesign Video Len Kne and David Pitt Lightning Talk
Redundant Paths for Urban Network Analysis Video Andres Sevtsuk Lightning Talk
Tangible geospatial modeling for landscape architects Video Brendan Harmon, Helena Mitasova, and Anna Petrasova Lightning Talk