2019 Geodesign Summit Proceedings

The 2019 Geodesign Summit Proceedings is a compilation of professional abstracts and presentations delivered in Redlands, CA on February 25-28, 2019. Esri users played a fundamental role in the conference by presenting information about using geospatial technologies to arrive at the best and most sustainable design solutions.

Title Presentation Author
Exploring New Dimensions: West Chester University's 3D, Virtual, and Augmented Campus and Buildings Presentation Gary Coutu
The Nexus Studio: Creating a synergy between a research project and a studio Presentation Daniel Cronan
Utilizing GeoDesign for Restoration Efforts in Quantuck Bay, New York Presentation Lucy DiBenedetto
Generalizable Procedural Rules for TOD & Urban Allocations Presentation Leilei Duan
Virtual Regional Wealth Scanner: A Geodesign Approach Presentation Hodjat Ghadimi
A Geodesign Project for Upgrading a Deprived Urban Area Presentation Rosario C. Giusti de Perez
A Smart Bicycle Map for A Sustainable Future Presentation Guoping Huang
Dimensions of Reality in GIS Presentation Jen Johnson
Energy, Emissions and Urban Form: A Cross-scale Simulation Approach Presentation Ronald Kellett
Essential Elements of Geodesign for Education Presentation Travis Longcore
Self-sustainable Communities: Geodesigning the Future of Agriculture Presentation Britney Markhardt
The use of GIS to score biophilic urban developments and cities Presentation Carol McClellan
Incorporating GeoDesign into the Agricultural Landscape – 3D on the Farm Brian Morrison
Experiencing the Landscape: A Perceptual, Physical, & Digital Journey Presentation Nikolas Smilovsky
Geodesigning the Farm of the Future; Parameterizing for Climate Change Presentation Caroline Westort
Didactic Dynamic Digital Dioramas Presentation John Wolf
GeoDesign Future Green Smart City using BigData Presentation Yoshiki Yamagata
Tracking real-time energy demand consumptions using urban activity data Presentation Takahiro Yoshida
Enhancing Climate Resilience Through the Strategic Reuse of Vacant Urban Land Presentation Kristen Zeiber
GeoDesign Futures Re-visited Stephen Ervin
Using geodesign scenario analysis to investigate solutions to challenges in the food-energy-water nexus in central Idaho E. Jamie Trammell
Linking the Urban Landscape to the Waterways to Which it Drains Presentation Nicole Beck
How Can Geodesign Help Solve Big 21st Century Problems? Presentation David Rouse
Integrating a Resilience Scorecard and Landscape Performance into a Geodesign Process Presentation Galen Newman
A Geodesign Approach to Sustainable Development on Jekyll Island, GA Presentation Dan Meehan
Geodesign: Challenges in Practice Presentation Melissa Alexander
Geodesign for Community Engagement and Consensus Using Interactive Web-based GIS Tools and Technology Presentation Robert Kain and David Early
Building Modeling Optimization Using Machine Learning Presentation Camille Lechot
Didactic Dynamic Digital Dioramas of Doom Presentation John Wolf
Assessments of Honolulu Urban Redevelopment Proposals Presentation Ken Schmidt
Urban Design with CityEngine in ArcGIS Urban Lisa Staehli
ArcGIS Urban: An Introduction Presentation Rob Matthews, Brooks Patrick, Lisa Staehli
Mapping the Dollars and Sense of Land Use Patterns Joe Minicozzi
Framing the Future: The Cape Cod Regional Policy Plan Presentation Kristy Senatori
Geodesign at All Scales of Planning Presentation Devin Lavigne
Embracing Geodesign: The Powerful Influence of GIS and Geodesign on the Mission and Impact of The Trust for Public Land (TPL) Presentation Will Rogers, Breece Robertson, James Levitt
A Creek Runs Through It Presentation Shannon McElvaney
Incorporating Geodesign Tools and GIS Technology into the San Bernadino Countywide Plan Presentation Jerry Blum and Colin Drukker