2021 Geodesign Summit Proceedings

The 2021 Geodesign Summit Proceedings is a compilation of professional abstracts and presentations that were delivered in Redlands, CA on February 9-10, 2021. Esri users played a fundamental role in the conference by presenting information about using geospatial technologies to arrive at the best and most sustainable design solutions. The presentations provided here represent a subset of all presentations presented at the Summit.

Title Presentation Video Author
Welcome and Introduction Video Ryan Perkl
The Future of Geodesign Video Jack Dangermond
Geodesign In The Age of Digital Twins Presentation Video Dominik Tarolli
Building Conservation Resiliency with Geodesign Presentation Video Eliza Gutierrez-Dewar
Building Resilience for the Next Crisis Presentation Video Ryan Lanclos
Meridian Water – Sustainable and Resilient by Design Video Mary-Jane Wood, Shannon McElvaney
Integrating Prediction and Performance Models into Scenario-based Resilient Community Design Presentation Video Galen Newman
Utilizing ArcGIS Urban, Dashboards and Hub to Model, Assess and Communicate Future Land Use Change Scenarios Video Jennifer Immich, Kalani Pahoa
Holistic Ecological Management – Watershed Scale Process and Practical Application Video Lisa Marr, Michael Sprague, Shannon Tillman
Predict Urban Growth Patterns Using Machine Learning with ArcGIS Pro and R Presentation Video Carsten Lange
Evaluating Development Proposals with 3D GIS Video Devin Lavigne, Marc Francescangeli
Geodesigning Resiliency Video Jean Yang, Mary-Jane Wood, Michael Sprague, Ryan Perkl, Stephen Bourne
Trends, Patterns, and the Future of Planning Presentation Video Petra Hurtado
What about Safe and Decent Housing that is Affordable? Presentation Video Ned Murray, Nika Zyryanova
Leveraging ‘Where’, to put the ‘Why’ in GeoPI Presentation Video Darin Welch
One Menu, Many Hands to Play Video Jonee Brigham, Timothy Griffin
GeoEdu-GAMING: Design Education as GEO-Spatial Game of the Unknown Video Christine Wacta
Strategic Development Frameworks for Five Provincial Capital Cities in Afghanistan: Rapid Landscape Assessments and Probabilistic Urban Expansion Scenario Modeling Presentation Video Justin Kollar, Kai Ying Lau
3D Meshes as Actionable Data - Integrating the Power of Automated Photogrammetry with GIS Video Konrad Wenzel
Welcome and Introduction Video Ryan Perkl
Tacare Community-Driven Conservation: Creating Space for Balancing Development and Nature by Geodesign Video Lilian Pintea
Data Driven Climate Action on Cape Cod Presentation Video Kristy Senatori
Regional Collaboration Through ArcGIS Hub Deployment Video Beheshteh Makari
Enabling Sustainability Success with Regenerative Regional GIS Presentation Video Scott Edmondson
Planning with People: Fostering Participation and Public Buy-In During the COVID-19 Era Video Emilie Jordao
Using City Simulator to Prepare for COVID19 Presentation Video Stephen Bourne
Preliminary Anticipatory Recovery Impact Assessments Presentation Video Joshua Barnes, Scott Kaiser
A Geospatial Approach to Quantifying Ecosystem Performance in Urban Design Video Ian McRae, Josiah Cain, Wetherbee Dorshow
Assessing Flood Impacts Using a Multi-Scale Geodatabase for Newcastle (UK) Presentation Video Kristina Wolf
Creating Coastal Resilience – A 360 Degree GeoDesign Approach Presentation Video Daniel Boudreau
Geodesign Stakeholders Video Emilie Jordao, Darin Welch, Devin Lavigne, Ryan Perkl, Timothy Griffin
Leveraging GeoBIM for Smarter Health and Safety in Construction Presentation Video George Floros, Anita Soni
Using GeoDesign to Promote Green Infrastructure for Stormwater Management in Green Bay, Wisconsin Presentation Video David Hart, Kayla Wandsnider
The Upper Los Angeles River and Tributaries : A framework for multidisciplinary, equitable collaboration Presentation Video Jean Yang