2020 Imagery Summit

The Imaging & Mapping Forum Proceedings features keynote presentations brought to you from some of the best innovators in GIS. Find out how these leading companies gain actionable intelligence across all lines of business in order to drive business change.

Title Presentation Video Author
Imagery Summit Part I: Remote Sensing and the Geospatial Nervous System Presentation Video Richard Cooke, Jeremiah Johnson, David Wright, Kyle Talbot, Will Marshall, Nigel Brown, Gerald Kinn, Justin Wells, Kailey Mongeon
Imagery Summit Part II: Mapping in Multiple Dimensions Presentation Video Kurt Schwoppe, Konrad Wensel, Greg Bacon, Brian Connolly, Gerald Kinn, Tom Sweet, Geoff Taylor
Imagery Summit Part III: Automating Observations with Imagery Presentation Video Kurt Schwoppe, Brady Cline, Shairoz Sohail, Jeff Allenby, Gerald Kinn, Omar Maher, Tracy Toutant
Imagery Summit Part IV: Finding Spatial Patterns with Imagery Presentation Video Kurt Schwoppe, Vinay Viswambharan, Nigel Brown, Savid Sharpin, Jeremiah Johnson, Richard Cooke, Jack Dangermond