Esri Infrastructure Management & GIS Conference

The Esri Infrastructure Management & GIS Conference proceedings are a compilation of professional papers regarding a diverse collection of GIS applications. Esri users made a fundamental contribution to the conference by submitting and delivering presentations.

Note: If a user presentation is not listed, permission to publish was not granted.

Title Paper Author Session
Imagery and Drones Presentation Jeremiah Jones Technical Session
Emergency Management: Prepare, Respond, and Recover from Disasters Presentation Ryan Lanclos, Jeff Baranyi Technical Session
Utility Network - Technical Brief Presentation Larry Young, Remi Myers, Chris Cappelli, John Long Technical Session
Geospatial Infrastructure Presentation Derrick Burke, Mark Carlson Technical Session
ArcGIS Velocity Presentation Tyler Pilarcik, Jonas Rugys Technical Session
ArcGIS Indoors: An Overview Presentation Will Isley, Jeff Archer, Shreya Singh, Gregory Waite Technical Session
What’s New in Field Operations Presentation Jeff Shaner Technical Session
Esri and Autodesk – Building New Opportunities in Engineering and Design Presentation Andrew Creek Technical Session
Location Enabling Project Collaboration and Management for Engineering Projects Presentation David Reeves Technical Session
Managing Linear Assets using Location Referencing and Schematics Presentation Eric Rodenberg, Jim Barry, Koya Brown Technical Session
Mobile Asset Inventory and Inspection Including Integration with Asset Management Systems Presentation Jayson Hagen,Michael Beavers, Koya Brown, Jeff Eisman Technical Session
Building the Foundation of your Web GIS: Choosing the Right Solution Presentation Matthew Groves, Bejamin Segal Technical Session
Predictive Spatial Data Science and Analytics for Water Utilities Presentation Jason Isherwood, Jonas Rugys Technical Session
Empowering GIS Across Your Water, Sewer, and Stormwater Utility Presentation Vincent Fortino, Eric Wagner Technical Session
Being Traceable, Verifiable, and Complete with ArcGIS Presentation Jeff Allen Technical Session
Tracking and Traceability with ArcGIS Field Maps Presentation Zach Aguayo Technical Session
Getting to Know the Utility Network for Electric Utilities Presentation Saranya Kesavan, Chris Cappelli Technical Session
ArcGIS for Electric Operations Presentation Tyler Pilarcik, Michael Dendinger Technical Session
Getting to Know the Utility Network for Communications Presentation Junjie Ma Technical Session
Configuring ArcGIS Apps for Telecom Workflows Presentation Patrick Huls, Kyle Crawford Technical Session
Spatial Analysis for Telecom Presentation Patrick Huls Technical Session
Accelerating Automation using GeoAI Presentation Omar Maher, David Yu Technical Session
How El Paso Electric Integrated Survey123 Data into Cascade CMMS Presentation Rich Castillo, Abdiel Quezada,Antonio Jurado User Presentation
Survey123 for Detailed Line Inspection Presentation Justin Cahoon, Ron Lehman, Mark Sherrod User Presentation
Duroob DEWA - GIS Mobile for Field Users Presentation Ayman Moustafa User Presentation
Developing an ArcGIS Portal Application to Manage MAOP Reconfirmation Presentation Edward So,Laura Wiesyk User Presentation
What it was like being an early adopter of UPDM, APR and the UN at Dominion Energy. Presentation Wayne Meyer User Presentation
Going Live with the Utility Network During a Pandemic Presentation Richard Citowicz, Leonard Brinson Jr. User Presentation
Survey123 GasTemplate Library for Regulatory Compliant Smart Forms Presentation Steven Bitzstein User Presentation
Location Tracking at Avista Utilities: Past and Present Presentation Jake Jacobs User Presentation
KC Water Removes Guesswork on Asset Repair and Replacements Presentation Brian Hiller, Scott Parker, Stacey Roberts User Presentation
Guiding Organizational Business Solutions with Data and Technology Presentation John Krause, April Blackburn User Presentation
MDOT Culverts & Bay Region Flooding Presentation Joe Thick User Presentation
Strategic Investment Planning Presentation Gaylon Torton User Presentation
Sustainable Communities Identifying Resource Opportunities Within the District Presentation Justin Cahoon, Ron Lehman, Mark Sherrod User Presentation
Using Esri Shapefiles for Web GIS for Iraqi Electrical Grid System Presentation Farooq Al Quraishi User Presentation
Leveraging Esri Web Tools to View 3D Subsurface Utility Data Presentation Jason Sphar User Presentation
Planning Ahead for Your Migration to the Utility Network Presentation Lance Elroy User Presentation
Machine Readable Marking Technology for Modeling Network Utility Delivery Systems Presentation William Gale User Presentation
Field Testing High-Accuracy Asset Locates on Oahu Using SBAS and RTK GNSS Presentation Tony Shing, Jared Taylor User Presentation
Accelerating Recovery Efforts for Damage Assessment and Emergency Operations Presentation Elizabeth Thebo User Presentation
Integrating the Power of Location with an Asset Management Platform Presentation Alan Belniak User Presentation
Field Operations: Improving Field Operations Workflows with the ArcGIS Suite of Applications Presentation Randall Rene User Presentation
High-Accuracy Mobile GIS/GNSS Interactive Panel: Ask Us Anything! Presentation Jeff Shaner, Ismael Chivite, Zachary Petix, Jean-Yves Lauture, Eric Gakstatter Partner Presentation
Hydrant Placement and Repair Prioritization Presentation Jessica Gould User Presentation