2019 Esri National Security and Public Safety Summit Proceedings

The National Security and Public Safety Summit is dedicated to national security and the nation's public safety. The presentations featured here discuss how GIS technology strengthens critical infrastructure protection and communication between sectors, provides actionable intelligence, improves readiness, response, and situational awareness, and more. We hope you can use this information as a resource for mission decision making.

Title Presentation Author Video
Review Morning Agenda and Logistics Presentation Ryan Lanclos
Welcome to San Diego - Operational Decisions through Spatial Data Science Presentation Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez Video
Collaboration in the New Normal: Building Resilience for Individuals, Communities, and Nations Presentation Ryan Lanclos Video
Climate Change and Extreme Events: Data, Planning and Action for Resilience in Sonoma County Presentation Shirlee Zane Video
San Bernardino County Sheriff HOPE Team : Enabling Homeless Outreach & Multi-Agency Collaboration with GIS Presentation Deputy Mike Jones Video
Summary and Set Expectations Presentation Ryan Lanclos
Operation Pinpoint – A Technology Driven Solution backed by the ArcGIS Enterprise Platform Presentation Kevin Thomas, Andrew Smart Video
Lightning Talk Presentation - Live from New Orleans: Special Events Presentation Kris Gerig Video
Lightning Talk Presentation - Arizona's ESF/RSF Operations Dashboard Presentation Eric Shreve, Dave Roby Video
Lightning Talk Presentation - When Seconds Counts, We are Minutes Away Presentation Steve Rivero, Dan Ritchie Video
Lightning Talk Presentation - Lebanese Red Cross - Helping the Most Vulnerable using GIS Presentation Kassem Chaalan, Chahine Hamze Video
Understanding GeoAI for Public Safety and National Security Presentation Omar Maher Video
American Red Cross: Innovation and Collaboration Across the Disaster Cycle Presentation Brian Keenum Video
Find Your Voice with the NEW ArcGIS StoryMaps Presentation Renee Bernstein Video
The Commercial Civil Affairs System-Army: An Esri AGOL solution for Civil Reconnaissance Presentation Dr. Lynn Copeland Video
Summary of Day One, Closing Remarks and Transition Presentation Ryan Lanclos
Review morning Agenda and Logistics Presentation Chris Albert
Hybrid Warfare Presentation Lieutenant Colonel Volker Kozok Video
Cell Phone Analysis with the Crime Analysis Solution Add-in for ArcGIS Pro Presentation Chris Delaney Video
State of Confusion: From Reactive to Proactive in a Day Presentation Stacie Neal Video
Managing Field Assets During Special Events and Daily Operations Presentation Jon Pedder Video
Real-Time Collaboration with ArcGIS Mission Presentation Kerry Robinson Video
Butte County’s GIS Response to the Camp Fire Presentation Jim Aranguren Video
Community Knowledge, Red Cross Volunteers, and Digital Soultion: Quick Wins to Disaster Recovery Spatial Planning Presentation May Layugan Video
Emergency Management Operations Solution Presentation Jeff Baranyi, Dan Pisut Video
Emergency Management Operations and Disaster Response Presentation Ryan Lanclos, Walter Potts Video
Pin2Flood App –Real-Time Flood Inundation Mapping for First Responders Presentation Harry Evans, Christine Theis Video
Geospatial Strategy for EM: Where do you start? Presentation Ed Carubis Video
Welcome Back and Introduction Presentation John Day
The Argentine Coast Guard relying on the ArcGIS platform for maritime safety, intelligence, and homeland security missions Presentation General Ernesto Klocker Video
How U.S. Border Patrol Is Saving Lives With The Rio Grande Valley Missing Migrant Program Presentation Rodney Washburn, Dane Hammack, Elizabeth Gamez Video
Future of Public Safety and GIS Presentation Dr. Brian Fontes, Richard Reed, Rob Brown, Jason Jackson, Kevin Wright Video
Conference Closing and Q&A –Ask the Directors Presentation Ryan Lanclos, Chris Albert, Ed Carubis
More Data, More Resilience Presentation Kassem Chaalan, Chahine Hamze Video
Crisis Mapping and Community Health: How Direct Relief is Improving Health Emergency Response with Facebook Disaster Maps Presentation Andrew Schroeder Video
Keynote Demonstration - Collaboration in the New Normal: Building Resilience for Individuals, Communities, and Nations Presentation Ryan Lanclos, Kevin Armstrong Video
Crowd Sourcing for Public Health Emergencies Presentation Ravi Shankar Santhana Gopala Kirshnan Video
USACE Blue Roof Initiative Presentation Colonel Dave Hibner, Rick Vera Video