2014 Esri Ocean GIS Forum Proceedings

The 2014 Esri Ocean GIS Forum Proceedings is a compilation of professional papers regarding a diverse collection of GIS applications. The conference was held November 5–7, 2014 at the Esri Conference Center in Redlands, California. Esri users made a fundamental contribution to the conference by submitting and delivering presentations.

Note: If a user presentation is not listed, permission to publish was not granted.

Title Paper Author Session
A New Global Seafloor Geomorphic Feautures Map (GSFM)—Applications for Ocean Conservation and Management Presentation Peter Harris Sea Floor Mapping
Integrating Geospatial Technology for Underwater Data Collection Presentation Domnique Evans-Bye Sea Floor Mapping
Bathymetry and Habitat Classification Resources on the Northeast Ocean Data Portal Presentation Kate Longley Sea Floor Mapping
The Challenges of Multibeam Sonar Water Column Data—Acquisition, Processing, and Sharing Presentation Lindsay Gee Sea Floor Mapping
The Coastal Defense Application: Evaluating Nature’s Role in Coastal Protection   Zach Ferdaña, Laura Flessner & Mike Beck Coastal Resiliency
Utilizing GIS for Coastal Resilience Among America's Freshwater Coast Presentation Brandon Krumwiede Coastal Resiliency
Using Spatial Approach to Evaluate the Role of Natural Habitat in Increasing Coastal Resilience   Eric Hartge Coastal Resiliency
The Ocean Economy: Millions of Jobs, Billions of Dollars Presentation Danielle Molnar Marine Spatial Planning
Empowering Communities through Participatory Mapping Presentation Mimi D'Iorio Marine Spatial Planning
Kite Aerial Photography on Tetiaroa, French Polynesia Presentation David Smith Marine Spatial Planning
Common Operating Picture Video and Data Integration Presentation Kaytlin Colburn Energy Planning and Operations
Oil Spill Contingency Planning for California’s Marine Environment Presentation Judd Muskat Energy Planning and Operations
Supporting Ocean Energy Planning with Presentation Anna Verrill Energy Planning and Operations
West Coast Salmon Fisheries Sustainability Analysis: A Map Journal Report   Dominique Evans-Bye Fisheries
Spatial Analyses of Lionfish Invasion in the Gulf of Mexico Presentation Lance Hackleton Fisheries
From “ladies in waiting” to “young of the year”: spatial approaches to understanding the patterns of young Walleye Pollock in Shelikof Strait, Alaska   Tiffany Vance Fisheries
Put Your Money Where Your Map Is: Prioritizing Data Collection   Ken Buja & Tim Battista Ocean Data Management
Ocean Exploration Missions: A Framework for Sharing Ocean Science Data   Sharon Mesick & David McKinnie Ocean Data Management
Marine Spatial Planning Presentation Keith VanGraafeiland Ocean Data Management
Mapping Impacts of Marine Debris Using the West Coast Ocean Data Portal Presentation Todd Hallenback, Andy Lanier & Steve Steinberg Coastal Response & Preparedness
Pedestrian Evacuation Modeling for Tsunami Hazards Presentation Nathan Wood Coastal Response & Preparedness
Integration ofMetOcean Data withSearch and Rescue Presentation Kelly Knee Coastal Response & Preparedness
Opening Plenery: GIS for Oceans Video Jack Dangermond Plenary Session
Keynote Speech: How Humans Can Help the Ocean Video Dr. Jerry Schubel Plenary Session
Ocean Solutions Video Dawn Wright Plenary Session
How We Use the Oceans Video Dr. Russell Tait, Michael Jones, Dawn Wright, Jennifer McWhorter & Rear Admiral Gerd Gland Panel Discussion
Connecting the World to Coral Reefs Presentation
Amanda Williams Lightning Talk
ICAN and the Wisconsin Coastal Atlas: Joining a Global Network Presentation David Hart Lightning Talk
Integrating ESRI Technologies with Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment   Kelly Knee Lightning Talk
Assessing community flood awareness with volunteered geographic information Presentation
Wing Cheung & Sue Pacete Lightning Talk
Accounting for shoreline barriers in home range analyses Presentation Krystan A. Wilkinson Lightning Talk
The World’s Shipping Live on ArcGIS Online Presentation
Graham Stickler Taylor Nicholls Lightning Talk
Oceanographic Inspirations from a Student Presentation
Canyon Breyer Lightning Talk
Finding Nemo -Searching for your content in a sea of data Presentation Nazila Merati Lightning Talk
Time Series Visualization and Interpretation: a Tool for Coastal Managers? Presentation Alexandra Carvalho Lightning Talk
Publishing Data Products for the California Seafloor Mapping Program: Development of a Clip and Ship Image Service using ArcGIS for Server Presentation Pat Iampietro Lightning Talk
Using Geospatial Technologies to Engage the Public in Ocean Science Presentation Jennifer Lentz Lightning Talk
Satellite Derived Bathymetry Presentation Matthew Bergin Lightning Talk
SmartFootprint for Oceans: 3D GIS Solutions for Offshore Energy Planning   Wetherbee Dorshow Lightning Talk