2015 Petroleum GIS Conference Proceedings

The 2015 Esri Petroleum GIS Conference Proceedings is a compilation of professional papers regarding a diverse collection of GIS applications. The conference was held April 8–10, in Houston, Texas. Esri users made a fundamental contribution to the conference by submitting and delivering presentations.

Title Presentation Author Session
Building a Mission Critical Decision Support System by Implementing a Fully Integrated Enterprise GIS   Mark James, JD Burroughs Data Management I
Denbury Implements ArcGIS for Portal to Improve GIS Data Visibility Presentation Eric Sheehan, Todd Buehlman Data Management I
Connecting the Dots in a Site Location Project   Tammy Hall, Abbey Quinn Data Management I
Together We Build Curriculum: An Examination of Curriculum Cooperation Between Industry and Academia Tom Mueller Profession
Building an Undergraduate Oil & Gas GIS Curriculum Presentation Dan Goldberg, Andrew Klein Profession
Education: Are You Smarter than a Sixth Grader Presentation Robert Graham, Brandy Herman Profession
Spatial Data Approaches to Improve Production and Reduce Risks of Impacts Associated with Hydrocarbon Resource Development—Using Geospatial & Geostatistical Analyses to Improve Science-Based Decision Making Presentation Kelly Rose, Mark Dehlin Data Management II
Python as a GIS Intern Presentation Stephanie Long Data Management II
Slow ArcGIS Desktop? Unleash it Presentation Sathya Ramesh Data Management II
Data Notification Portal   Zheng Huang, Amar Garlapati Exploration
Advanced Mapping Techniques for Three-Dimensional Surfaces Presentation Patrick Kennelly Exploration
Geoscience Databases: The 800 Pound Gorilla in the Exploration Workroom Presentation Bernard South Exploration
Improved Geohazard Analysis for Drilling Favorability Maps Presentation Joshua Kelly, William Haneberg Operations
Unmanned Aerial Systems for High Definition GIS Content Capture Presentation Devon Humphrey Operations
The Role of GeoInformation the GIS Team in Oil Spill Response   Alison Muratore Health, Safety and Environment
Chevron Shipping Company—Common Operating Picture Presentation David Alford, Andrew Milanes Health, Safety and Environment
Using GIS to Maintain Cross-Country Gas Transportation Pipeline   Milind Bhakte, Anup Lotilkar Pipeline I
GIS Suitability Modeling to Support a Pipeline Route Selection   Americo Gamarra Pipeline I
Improved ROW Inspection & Pilot Safety through Geospatial Technology   Jaclyn Hecker Pipeline I
Utilizing Esri and Valarm for Real-Time Water Management Presentation Jacob Boyle, Sonny Beech Health, Safety and Environment II
Managing Oil Field Asset Compliance with Disconnected Mobile Devices Presentation Simon Ross Health, Safety and Environment II
Mitigating Excavation Risks Using GIS   Wolfgang Thun Health, Safety and Environment II
An Enterprise GIS Solution for Optimized Pipeline Route Selection and Planning Throughout the USA: A Real-World Case Study from Williams, Inc. Presentation Wetherbee Dorshow, Matthew Kline, John Wahren Pipeline II
Integrity Management of Gas Tranmission Pipelines in High Consequence Areas   Ivan Cheung, Nathan Doble Pipeline II
Advances in Pipeline Data Models Kathy Mayo, Jeff Allen Pipeline II
GIS, Geospatial, Geomatics…Organizational Capability Evolution   Brian Boulmay Data Management III
Shell's Journey in Developing a Common Operating Picture for Oil Spill Response   Keith Fraley Data Management III
Educating Prefesionals for GIS Pipeline Asset Management   Jeff Allen Pipeline III
SCADA/GIS Integration for Pipeline Operations   Daniel Michalec Pipeline III
Managing Field Survey Data with ArcGIS Presentation Scott Raznoff Pipeline III
Simple Workflow to Populate PPDM Tables from Well Files and Post on a Map Presentation Andrew Zolnai Data Mangement IV
Remotely Siting Oil/Gas Assets in Rugged Terrain   Daniel Michalec Data Mangement IV
Managing Unique, Overlapping Imagery in a Raster Mosaic   Eric Jones Data Mangement IV
Accelerating the Lease Acquisition Process   Kyle Hartmann Land
Lease Management on State of Texas Lands   Jesse Arellano Land
Optimizing Oil and Gas Infrastructure Placement with a New Portal for ArcGIS Based Decision Support Tool   Rich Haut Land
Breaking Tradition: How SSDM and ArcGIS are Modernizing Subsea Survey Presentation Taylor Brown Survey I
Demystifying the North American Reference Frames Presentation Samuel Knight Survey I
Why Aren't You Using Centimeter Accurate GNSS Receivers?   Eric Gakstatter Survey I
Aerial, Mobile and Terrestrial LiDAR Presentation Stephan Kieval Survey II
High Density, High Volume Point Cloud Production from Airborne Geiger Mode Lidar Presentation Michael Fuller Survey II
Petroleum 2.0—Location is your Business   Adam Pittman, Dal Hunter Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Enterprise Architecture & Deployment   Andrew Sakowicz, Tom Murray Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro—Overview and Deployment Strategy   Rafael Fernandes Technical Workshop
ArcGIS and Enterprise Security Presentation Ken Stoni, Michael Young Technical Workshop
Extend your Reach using ArcGIS Apps Presentation David Jacob, Jeff Shaner Technical Workshop
Esri Partner Spotlight in Petroleum   Matthew Davis Technical Workshop
Pipeline 20/20—Acting Now to Implement a Location Platform for Today and Tomorrow's Solution Needs Presentation Tom Coolidge, Nathan Easley, Ayan Palit Technical Workshop
Petroleum Web Applications to Support your Business Presentation David Jacob, Vanessa Ramirez Technical Workshop
Maximizing Spatial Analysis for your Business Presentation Steve Kopp Technical Workshop
Deploying Mobile Solutions with ArcGIS Presentation Jeff Shaner Technical Workshop
TeachmeGIS—ArcToolbox Uses for Petroleum in ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro     Technical Workshop
Plenary Video Danny Spillmann  
Keynote Speech Video Scott Sitzman  
Importance of Petroleum GIS Video Jack Dangermond  
Geodesign Video Adam Pittman  
ArcGIS Pro Video Rafeel Fernades  
Mobile Video Jeff Shaner  
Keynote Speech Video Rick Gibbs  
Seneca Resources Video Dal Hunter  
Apache Video Bruce Sanderson, Mansour Raad  
Novara Video Tom Coolidge, Jeff Allen  
Devon Energy Video Lindsey Strickler, Rick Howell, Todd Eason  
BP Video Brian Boulmay  
Texas A & M Video Clint Brown, David Cairns, Dan Goldberg  
ArcGIS Enterprise Architecture & Deployment Presentation Andrew Sakowicz, Tom Murray Technical Workshop
TeachmeGIS - ArcToolbox Uses for Petroleum in ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro Presentation Tracy Rijken, Jeff Barnett Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro - Overview and Deployment Strategy Presentation Rafael Fernandes Technical Workshop
Data Notification Portal Presentation Zheng Huang, Amar Garlapati Exploration