Fort Adams: Preliminary Analysis, Interpretations, and Thoughts on Further Investigation
Track: Archaeology
Author(s): Kevin Nolan, G. Pratt

Fort Adams was the first fort constructed by the Legion of the United States, commanded by General Anthony Wayne, after departing Greenville in 1794. In the early 1990s Fort Adams was the only Wayne fort in Ohio that remained archaeologically uninvestigated. The site was initially identified by Dr. G. Michael Pratt, of the Center for Historic and Military Archaeology, in 1993. Pratt returned to the site in 1998, 1999, and 2000 with a crew of volunteers to confirm the existence of Fort Adams on the site. The presence of Wayne's Legion at the site was confirmed by the occurrence of Federal Type I and Type II buttons. Using the Spatial Analyst extension with ArcGIS 8, artifact distributions were used to determine the probable location and orientation of the fort. As a result of this investigation the location of the first post erected on Wayne's 1794 campaign has been archaeologically verified.

Kevin Nolan
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G. Pratt
Heidelbeg College
310 E. Market St.
Tiffin , OH 44883
Phone: (419) 893-1986
E-mail: mpratt@heidelberg.edu

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