West Nile in Washtenaw
Track: Health and Human Services
Author(s): Kimberly Wraight, Nathan Arnold

The Washtenaw County GIS department has completed the initial phase of the West Nile Mapping for the Washtenaw County Public Health Department. This has been the first GIS-related project in the county dedicated to the West Nile Virus. The project consisted of using MS Access and ArcGIS-ArcInfo 8.3 software with geodatabase files. The initial step of the project was to convert an Access database file with numerous dead corvid records into a usable geodatabase file. Various domains were created and later were geocoded. Next, the Health Department staff mapped daily, the locations of dead corvids that county residents had discovered and called in. These calls were received from the Health Department staff who wrote down vital information. This info was immediately entered into a geodatabase table that was later geocoded from where the bird was found.

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