Integrated Real-Time West Nile Virus Surveillance Pilot in Canada
Track: Health and Human Services
Author(s): Jiangping Shuai

The Public Health Agency of Canada has been conducting extensive West Nile virus surveillance activities in Canada. The agency is also developing a pilot to address the urgent needs for tracking the virus and managing the surveillance in a real-time fashion with real-time GIS and OGC support.

The pilot system was designed to integrate real-time surveillance, real-time GIS, and WMS technology. It includes real-time public health surveillance components, integrated real-time GIS components, and integrated OGC WMS capacities. It has a public Web site and an internal Web site. The public Web site provides aggregated information. The internal system provides the major functions and also manages the whole system. The pilot has been in production since 2005. It has greatly enhanced national West Nile virus dead birds surveillance, improved productivity, and reduced operation and maintenance cost.

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