Improved Situational Awareness through GIS and RFID in Military Exercises
Track: Defense and Intelligence
Author(s): Rhonda Copley, Eric Wagner

The battlefield of today is often in urban areas with high-density population and strategic infrastructure that can predicate advantage and determine success or failure of the conflict. In an effort to better equip the war fighter in these environments, the Soldier Battle Lab's

(SBL) McKenna MOUT facility at FT. Benning, Georgia, has established an instrumented urban environment that facilitates the collection and analysis of data that will ultimately impact the training and equipment our soldiers fight with.

As part of the SBL's experimentation and prototyping mission at Ft.

Benning, PraxSoft developed and integrated a 2D GIS-enabled application with buildings, terrain, an Radio Frequency Identification tracking/asset management system and live soldier entities. An extension was written to ingest real-time data via the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocol to communicate with a non-GIS mapping system. Work is currently being done to integrate the 2D GIS application with a 3D-Viewer to allow improved situational awareness.

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