GIS Improves Community Readiness Saving Lives During Emergency Disaster
Track: Disaster Management and Emergency Response
Author(s): Frank Wideman, Tom Tate

"ALERT, EVACUATE, SHELTER" is the theme of the new GIS initiative of the 4-H GIS community mapping team. Several 4-H teams are taking the project to new heights by finding ways to help their local communities prepare for disasters. The project is working to promote a model project plan. We will bring you up to date on all the work that has been accomplished in the last two years. The Missouri team is working on the "Shelter" component, the Idaho and Nevada team is working on the "Alert" component, and the Georgia and South Carolina team is working on the "Evacuation" component. Find out how these teams have worked with local and state GIS professional to get this important work accomplished.

Frank Wideman
Perry County 4-H Tech Team
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E-mail: widemanf@missouri.edu

Tom Tate
Economic and Community Systems
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Phone: (202) 720 - 272
E-mail: ttate@csrees.usda.gov