Levee Inspection and Reporting System
Track: Disaster Management and Emergency Response
Author(s): Kevin Carlock, Doug Manly

The Levee Inspection and Reporting System is an ArcGIS Desktop application designed to assist levee inspectors and flood districts with collecting and tracking relevant information concerning the condition of the levee system. Developed for the US Army Corps of Engineers, the application allows inspectors to log deficiencies on the levee as either point or line features and to populate the levee database with information about deficiencies. When passing within a user specified distance of a previous deficiency, the system will notify the inspector and display relevant information and photos. The system includes basic and advanced reporting capabilities and is an important tool for tracking historic levee issues. After field testing, inspectors found that the Levee Inspection system saved them up to 25 percent of the time normally required to complete the inspection and reports. Recent modifications to the system will improve upon that percentage.

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