Mass Casualty GIS Data Management System (from Complaint to Grave)
Track: Disaster Management and Emergency Response
Author(s): John Medici, David Simms

The threat of a new pandemic with consequences potentially as devastating as those during 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic necessitated the development of specific modifications to existing emergency operations plans. What was particularly weak was a detailed process for dealing with significant numbers of fatalities over cyclical periods of weeks to months. To effectively manage a pandemic it was obvious that all of the government agencies particularly the health, emergency medical services and law enforcement agencies needed a single source of data. It was also obvious that linking data to GIS was an essential element to facilitate epidemiological efforts, locate medication distribution sites and the associated traffic control issues and to manage the establishment of temporary morgues. The system provides for identifying disease clusters, selection of the most approriate immunization/medication distribution sites, monitoring the efficacy of distributed medications, management of mass fatalities as well as electronic photographic links for fatality identification for use at Family Assistance Centers.

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