Application of Multi-objective Shortest-Path and Allocation Analysis for Flood Prevention
Track: Disaster Management and Emergency Response
Author(s): Chen Hui-Wen, Chang Yu-Cheng, Huang Pi-Hui, Chang Chung-chi

Since the aftermath of typhoon Herb in 1996, all sorts of flood and drought followed in 2002 have claimed lives and countless property, which have imposed serious economic damage on the country. The collection of flood information is the basis for establishment of flood prevention system. It is anticipated that flood information management system will include flood insurance, flood warning, damage notification, and incorporation with GIS in the future to provide further capabilities.

This research makes use of the ArcGIS and mathematical programming, in accordance to the properties of a flood disaster, aiming pragmatically at the balance between the relief of a disaster and the shortest time for conveying the equipments, to construct the optimal model of the equipment's transportation and the mobilization of the emergency. The system could trace and manage more efficiently at the equipments in urgent of repair, reconstruct the state of the recovery.

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