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Providing Real-time Spatial Data for Flood Response
Track: Disaster Management and Emergency Response
Author(s): Adam Stein, Shane Engel

The NOAA Pacific Services Center has developed a partnership with Hawaii local government agencies to provide real-time spatial data and measurements in a free light-weight client application, which can be used by emergency responders to quickly and effectively mitigate and respond to flood events. NOAA is working to collect and distribute hydrologic, meteorological, and oceanographic data provided through a host of web mapping services to users for display and analysis. Through a series of user interviews and investigations of implementation options, this goal has been realized from a server-centric application framework that is coupled with an easy-to use and free desktop application. Data is continually collected and formatted within the server environment and distributed to the client application as requests are made. As data is received in real-time, users can display, query, and analyze this data, in order to understand ground conditions for better decision-making and rapid response.

Adam Stein
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Shane Engel
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