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Integrating Computational Models with GIS in Engineering Applications
Track: Modeling
Author(s): Patrick Sullivan

Traditional engineering task, such as performing Health Risk Assessments (air models), designing surface water structures (hydraulic models), developing Groundwater Management Plans (groundwater models), and performing traffic studies, require the use of intricate computational models. Managing complex datasets used in the creation of computational models and presenting modeling results is an ongoing challenge to Engineers and Scientists. Presenting the results from these models is often a difficult task given the necessity to present the results so average people can understand and draw meaningful conclusions from the results. The use of ARC-GIS with geodatabases, Spatial Analyst, and 3D Analyst improves and simplifies data handling and presentation. To illustrate the seamless integration of computational models with GIS and to discuss the lessons learned, a summary of two projects are presented: a groundwater basin model developed for a large municipal water district, and an air model for a proposed mixed used development.

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