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Modeling Landscape Connectivity in the Southern Appalachians under Climate Change
Track: Parks and Natural Reserves
Author(s): Hugh Irwin

Climate change has made the conservation task of establishing landscape connections more urgent. Maintaining and restoring the conservation integrity of conservation lands within parks and reserves is only part of the mission of effective conservation. Landscape corridors are also needed to serve as connections between these reserves to permit animal and plant movements. A methodology will be presented that was developed for evaluating the potential for establishing corridors between reserves based on expected habitat changes under climate change scenarios. The method will account for the different biological needs and different patterns of movement of different species groups and will address the selection of areas in which to focus conservation efforts. The methodology will identify species groups for which corridors may not function within expected time frames of climate change and for which additional conservation efforts may be needed. The methodology should have application for conservation efforts in other regions.

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