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ClimateWizard: A web-based GIS Tool for Practical Climate Change Analysis
Track: Ecology and Conservation
Author(s): Evan Girvetz

While climate change projections are publicly available, these data are difficult for practitioners-planners, managers and even most scientists-to access, interpret, and analyze. We have developed a climate change analysis toolbox, called ClimateWizard, which can be used to assess past observed and future modeled climate change at specific geographic areas of interest. This toolbox is designed as a set of ArcGIS Server web services that analyze and visualize data from the IPCC and other climate models, providing useful products for a wide range of practitioners. The specific tools range from easy-to-use web applications to more flexible and powerful ArcGIS toolbox services, which can be used to analyze climate change within specific geographic areas of interest across multiple spatial scales-globally, regionally, and locally. We will provide examples of using these tools to assess how climate change is likely to impact priority conservation areas for The Nature Conservancy.

Evan Girvetz
University of Washington
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