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Baselining CO2 Emissions of Las Vegas Residential Streets
Track: Climate Change
Author(s): Abhilasha Wadhwa, Ryan Smrha

The basic premise of this study stems from recognizing the need for a bottom-up approach to baseline CO2 emissions from energy use by individual residences. Thus, a simplified model is proposed that takes a dwelling unitís energy consumption (electricity and gas) as its point of departure. Street level data is obtained from utility companies and mapped for each street in Las Vegas using ArcGIS. The output is ready-reference maps that show electricity consumption and consequent CO2 emissions of each street, comparing them to national and state averages. These maps can be used by home owners to become aware of their street-specific CO2 emissions, and by policy makers to recognize energy intensive hot-spots in the region and formulate area-specific reduction goals. The study also analyzes the relation between dwelling age, its size and consumption, and calculates average reduction needed from a Las Vegas dwelling to meet the 2012 Kyoto Protocol targets.

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