Influence of Climate Change on Outbreak of Leaf Spot Disease
Track: Climate Change
Author(s): Benno Kleinhenz, Thorsten Zeuner, Paolo Racca, Peter Werner, Erich Jörg

Climate change is already happening and represents one of the greatest environmental and economic threats facing the planet. In 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published that; global average surface temperature is likely to rise by a further 1.8-4.0°C this century. That has effects on epidemiology plant diseases. In this study the Central Institution for Crop Protection in Germany shows the effect of global warming on the first appearance for leaf spot disease (Cercospora beticola) on sugar beet plants. During last 11 years observations showed an average up to 8 days earlier first appearance in sugar beet growing regions. With the model CERCBET1 which predicts first appearance a forecast until 2050 is given. As input forecasted meteorological data generated by German Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research are used. Results of forecasted first appearance of C.beticola varied in dependence on geographic regions up to more than 20 days earlier.

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