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Disaster Mitigation Models for the City of Redlands
Track: Disaster Management and Emergency Response
Author(s): Renee Bousselaire, Philip Mielke

This project demonstrates how ArcGIS spatial operators, ModelBuilder, and network functions can aid in disaster mitigation efforts for the City of Redlands, California. Federal and state agencies have created programs to assess earthquake damages, but the majority of studies do not include analysis for water and fire damages at the city level. Based on predefined water pipeline breaks, the water response model uses geometric network features and Network Analyst to combine water pipeline and transportation networks to model which valves need to be turned off and how long it will take responders to reach the valves. The fire behavior model uses ModelBuilder and a variety of spatial operators to assign risk values to fuel loads, weather, and topography to create an output layer identifying probable fire locations. The models will serve as an introductory component of a larger disaster plan for the City of Redlands.

Renee Bousselaire
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Philip Mielke
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