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Flood Mitigation Using GIS
Track: Disaster Management and Emergency Response
Author(s): Nigel Forster

In 2005, the City of Medicine Hat GIS staff developed a computer mapping methodology for Disaster Services. The purpose was to delineate potential water extents resulting from flood events on the South Saskatchewan River. This application to evaluate 'what if' scenarios in near 'real time' allowed Disaster Services staff to be proactive rather than reactive in times of emergency. Within 30 minutes of receiving river discharge predictions, GIS staff were able correlate the forecasted discharge with local ground surface elevations. Maps of predicted water levels in areas adjacent to the river floodplain were then drafted. These maps were used in conjunction with existing GIS data to generate contact lists of residents living in flood prone areas. Households were then advised of preventative measures to take to protect buildings and property. Address points also provided a direct link to utility and infrastructure data, allowing staff to take preventative measures as required.

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