Using Mobile GIS in Assessing Impacts of Historic Iowa Flood
Track: Disaster Management and Emergency Response
Author(s): Peter Lovell

When natural disasters alter the world around us, high-quality data must be collected and examined to accurately assess the damage and plan restoration efforts. Rapid response and attention to detail are both of the utmost importance. Through the use of mobile GIS, these often-opposing objectives can be achieved simultaneously. Operating PDAs equipped with ArcPad and GPS, trained field personnel can take advantage of custom forms and other time-saving data entry features that render obsolete the use of pen, pad, and paper map. Upon return to the office, field data is seamlessly integrated into the project geodatabase with no additional data entry needed, allowing more time to analyze the data and develop maps and reports. This presentation will describe mobile solutions by the Howard R. Green Company, detailing the internal use of mobile GIS in performing environmental site assessments following last summerís historic flooding in Iowa.

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