Web Based Geographic Intelligence for Emergency Management Practitioners
Track: Disaster Management and Emergency Response
Author(s): Christina McCullough

When faced with an incident, potential emergency or hazard event, Emergency Management Practitioners must work collaboratively to secure the safety and stability within their jurisdiction. Providing geographic visibility for our decision makers during emergencies is imperative in order to understand situational awareness of the area of operations. Mitigation, response, and recovery efforts for emergency management decision makers are always a complex and difficult challenge when a natural disaster, civilian unrest or man-made event occurs. These decision makers require geographic intelligence to support a common operating picture which delivers accurate real-time data and cross-communication across agencies. No two events are alike and each requires different problem solving techniques. Each supporting decision maker has specific responsibilities and requires only a dissemination of the available data. The services must support existing decision making processes. The scientific community has made tremendous advancements which support the required common operating picture via geographic web mapping services.

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